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Happy New Year Virgo! I love the fact that Virgo begins 2023 with several planets in an area of play. Virgo does not spend enough time playing and enjoying life. As we kick off a new year, you are ready to change that. The 5th house is very social and so Virgo has people over and enjoys entertaining. You accept other invitations and are around all kinds of people, laughing and having a good time. What a nice way to kick off a new year. This is also an area of the chart that is all about romance. So after the craziness of the holiday's it is a good time for you and your partner to remember each other. This is also an area of the chart that is about treating yourself well. You may find you are spending more money than you planned and spending it on luxury items that you do not necessarily need. That's okay. This will turn around later this year, but for now you might still be pulling out the credit cards to buy some fun things just for you.

As Venus enters Aquarius and your 6th house on the 4th, there is some professional success. Your boss loves your ideas and you gain new clients without even trying. If you want a raise or promotion, now is the time to take the first steps that will bring this about. During January Venus and Saturn will hook-up and you can meet a new romantic interest at the office. Venus and Saturn together are for long-term. You enjoy your job more right now. There is a New Moon here as well on the 21st and that can bring about some positive improvements for you. As Mars turns direct as well on the 12th, you have another positive career influence happening. If you are retired or do not work outside the home, then your home becomes your workplace and you can look for some action happening around the house. Jupiter is now in your 8th house of investments and financial matters and for the next several months, you have a good financial flow. What's not to like?



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