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Virgo is right in their element this month with Mars and the Sun teaming up to visit your fourth house of home and family. Virgo is many times the one in the family that puts together holiday meals and various celebrations. You may go on a cleaning spree, wanting to make sure that everything in the house is perfect for company. The New Moon of the 13th may bring some changes but not bad changes. Just make sure you stay flexible and you should do well.

As Venus leaves Libra on the 5th and moves into Scorpio and your third house, you are thinking about extended family. The third house is about siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins as well as nieces and nephews. But with Venus here, spreading good cheer and positive vibes, everyone gets along and any disagreements are put to rest. A great month for family. This is also an area of travel and you may be getting in the car and driving somewhere for the holidays. Be warned, Venus loves new and pretty things. You may get 'new car fever' and decide to give yourself a holiday present of a new vehicle.

I love the Full Moon of December 27th that is going to light up your tenth house of career. You might be looking at making some changes or there may be some kind of project you have been working on that finally finishes right here at the end of the year.

With both Neptune and Jupiter changing direction this month, and moving from retrograde motion (backward) to direct motion (forward), some things that were poking along suddenly pick up speed. Communication is clearer with a spouse or friend and you have an open and loving heart. Since Jupiter is in the ninth house, there can be some kind of travel happening that was put off before. This area of the chart is a good one for writing and publishing. If you have been thinking about writing a book or creating some kind of workbook, then now is the time. You are ready to share what you know and others are eager to hear it.



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