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Virgo is ready to leave town, grab the sunscreen and head out to the beach. It is time to play in the sand and enjoy life. You deserve a vacation and now is the time to go. I love it. It doesn't matter where you go, it is all about having a good time. Virgo is usually known for doing the right thing. You may not feel much like doing the right thing, you just want to leave responsibilities behind for just a bit. Venus is here in this travel house, so you might meet someone new on your vacation or just feel like flirting and enjoying that dance of attraction.

This can be a great time for work as well. It is a good time to be seen at work as the one who can get things done. If you work in advertising, then lucky you, this is going to help you big time. If you interview for a new job, then this will also help move you forward. The ninth house is all about learning. What is it you want to learn? And what is it you feel called to teach? This house is full of planets as the Sun, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter all begin the month here. Uranus will stay long after May is over, but the other planets move on one by one. First the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st, Venus follows close by on the 24th and finally Jupiter brings up the rear on the 26th. The things you are doing now can help your career next month. Or you may see the results of what you are doing now, next month.

June is a big career month, so look ahead and be prepared. Mars and Mercury are both in your eighth house of money and income. You may be called upon to make some financial decisions. Check bank statements and make sure you double-check all decisions that involve dollars and cents. There may be some impulsive purchases now so watch your spending.

As the month progresses and all those planets in your ninth house slowly move into your tenth, they will send out an invite to Pluto, sitting quietly in your sixth house of health and healing. A good time for a check-up or maybe finding a new doctor. You may want to talk to your physician about maybe changing some meds.



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