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We begin the month of December with not one but two planets getting ready to change direction and move from retrograde (backward) motion to direct (forward) motion once again. First on December 6th Neptune finally makes its move and once again begins moving forward. Then right at the very end of the month on the 31st Jupiter follows suit and it too changes direction. This means that we begin the New Year with most of the planets in forward motion. Uranus is the last one to change, not moving forward until next month.

Sweet Aries is full of plans for the future and may be thinking of going on vacation or making some plans to get a passport and visit a foreign country. You are full of plans and ready for adventure. With Mars sitting so close to the Sun, you have lots of energy and just looking for the best place to use it. Some of that energy may be connected to learning something new. The mind is very active right now and it is a good time to study a new subject or explore a new area of thought. Classes, workshops and lectures all beckon and you cannot learn fast enough.

On December 5th Venus leaves the seventh house where she was super happy and moves into Scorpio and your eighth house. This is a much more private area and a solidary one. Instead of wanting to be with people and have a good time, you pull into yourself and want more private time. You delve more deeply into your own psyche and are more attuned to the hidden feelings of those around you. Money issues can come up now, but this may also lead to more money coming to you. This is a good time to ask for a raise or talk to the bank if you want to lower the interest on your credit cards. This area is a very passionate one and if you begin a romantic relationship when Venus is here, there will be a strong physical connection.

And do not forget that Mercury is on the move as well this month, changing signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn on the 2nd. So for the rest of December, Mercury will be in your tenth house of professional matters. This can be more meetings and more paperwork. I know it is year-end so there can be lots of reports that need to be filed, or you might start getting together tax info for next year.



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