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Aquarius has had a helpful July in terms of partnership. Venus has been here for the last several weeks. A nice time to spend with your sweetheart or significant other. But now Venus is getting ready to move along on the 6th. Use that first week of the month for you and the one you love. This can also apply to friends. Maybe you and some friends go on a little trip together. You are ready to indulge yourself and treat yourself to a little something, something. Once Venus leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, your mind is more on money. There may be some extra income coming your way. Also a nice time to give to others. You also have Mercury here and on the 5th of the month Mercury is going to turn retrograde and stay that way until the 28th of August. Pay extra attention to bills and receipts. There might be some kind of mistake that you have to correct. Be extra careful around your identity and passwords. As Venus and Mercury come together in Virgo it is a good planning time.

The Sun stays in Leo until the 23rd when it too moves into Virgo and the eighth house. But until then, it is time to play a bit and find a good work/life balance. You are ready to go out and accept invitations and enjoy your social life. There is also a New Moon here on the 4th and you may find yourself thinking of relationship issues in a new way. Or you may want to try something new for the first time.

You also have Mars and Jupiter sitting together in the fifth house. This house is about children, grandchildren and creative endeavors. A month to enjoy life. Have fun.



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