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Happy New Year Aquarius! The new year starts off quietly for the Water Bearer. You are feeling kind of tired and worn out from all the holiday preparations and craziness. Right now you just want to stay home and rest. You might be feeling more physically drained than usual and that is perfectly normal right now. Your Sun, which is a planet of vitality and strength is in the 12th house. This is a water house and it is like a bucket of water just got thrown all over the Sun. You must be sure to take care of yourself. Now is a time of quiet reflection. If you try and force yourself to do what you think you are supposed to instead of listening within, your body may pay the price. I don't mean a serious illness but there could be some kind of boo-boo that forces you to rest. Much better to rest on your terms. Do not be afraid to ask for help now. No one can do everything alone. In addition to not feeling very peppy, you might also be feeling discouraged and depressed. I know this doesn't sound like too much fun but there is a positive side to this. You embrace your intuitive abilities much more and seem to connect with higher energies. Your dream life picks up and the veil becomes much thinner. If you work with art or music at all then you get a nice plus as Pisces is very creative and artistic. You will just need to pace yourself between the energy you spend in the outer world and the energy you need for yourself.

Mars is also changing direction this month and moving from retrograde to direct motion. As Mars moves forward your love life becomes more active. If you are single then opportunities come up that have you meeting someone new and if you are already involved then you two become much more romantic.



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