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Aquarius is going to get a nice holiday this month with Venus moving from Libra into Scorpio. This means that Venus will now sit at the top of your chart in your tenth house for the month of December. Venus is known to bring a gift when she comes to visit. Since she is visiting your workplace, this can bring you some nice gifts professionally. You get a special Christmas bonus or maybe you are publicly recognized for the amazing work you do. It is possible another company tries to get you to leave your present employer and work for them. You get the idea. It is a great time to talk to your boss about your future career plans. Maybe go after that big client. Heck, ask for what you want at work, whether it is the new chair or the best vacation time. You are being looked at in a positive way, so make the most of it.

The Sun and Mars are sitting pretty close together in your eleventh house and this is a great place for being with friends. Maybe an old friend calls and is in town for the holidays and you make some plans to get together. Aquarius is usually fine going their own way, but now you want to be with people and enjoy being part of a group. This is a great energy for making future plans. Since it is here at the end of the year, you will probably start looking at 2024 and what you want to do and accomplish. You may be more involved with technology, since this area of the chart is big on tech. You decide to upgrade your equipment as a gift to yourself or maybe you splurge and buy someone else some kind of high-tech toy.

On December 2nd Mercury will change signs and move from Sagittarius into Capricorn. You are doing some deep thinking. On the 13th of the month, Mercury will also turn retrograde. A retrograde Mercury right here at holiday time. What fun! Do as much of your shopping as possible, early. The longer you wait the more retrograde Mercury can slow you down. You want to leave time if you have to return something or got the wrong size. But you are also a bit more introspective than usual. Your intuitive vibes are very strong. Neptune turns direct on the 6th after being retrograde for months. This can bring some financial blessings going into the New Year.



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