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Happy New Year Leo! The Lion is thinking more about taking care of their health than they are about big plans for the coming year. Of course their big plans may be to lose weight, get fit or have that Lasik surgery they have been wanting. You begin a new month and a new year with four planets in Capricorn and your 6th house. This area is all about the body. Health issues come up and you are ready to handle them. You want to get healthy and stay healthy. Even if you have zero health matters to attend to, there is so much energy here that it may come out through other people. You end up sitting in the doctor's office because you drove your sibling to an appointment. This part of the chart is very service oriented and you sincerely want to be of service to others. So you will volunteer for things that you would normally not do. This can be picking up a friend at the airport at 2:00am or taking food to a neighbor that just had surgery. If family or friends need some help right now, you step up with no thought of self. Venus leaves on the 4th so only spends a few days here. As Venus enters Aquarius and your 7th house, you feel all love and light toward a partner. If married or seriously involved, then you want some alone couple time together. It is a good time to go away together. Leave the rest of the world behind for a few days and concentrate only on one another. And if you are single, then this is a great time to socialize and meet new people. You will be more attractive to others with the help of Venus.



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