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Leo moves from staying home into a much more social month than last month. You leave the house and want to visit other people, attend holiday parties and in general play and have a good time. As Venus moves into your area of home and family on the 5th and stays there the rest of the month, you may even decide to host a holiday party or two. You will probably want your home to look especially lovely for the holidays. Family might be coming to visit and you want everything to be just perfect.

The Sun and Mars both begin December in your area of pleasure. Mars stays there all month and the Sun stays until the 23rd. This is an area that deals with your love life. A good time to meet new people and maybe a new someone special. Even if you already have a partner that you consider to be pretty special, you two want to make some private holiday memories of your own. This is a very social part of the chart and so expect to have a busy social life this month. And this area is also a creative one. If you are artistic at all then you might want to explore new creative ideas. Not the time to hide your light, but let people see your talent and ability. There is also a New Moon on the 13th that might be an especially lucky one for you. Take a chance on a lottery ticket and there might be an extra nice present for you under the tree.

Jupiter finally turns direct at the last day of the year. On December 31st Jupiter moves from retrograde motion to direct. And the best part is that this Jupiter is sitting at the pinnacle of your chart in the tenth house of career. If you have been feeling stuck in your professional life, things start to open up and move again going into 2024. Jupiter has a habit of bringing lucky with it, so there might be a raise or promotion coming your way. It is a good time to teach or study as education is something Jupiter loves. And if you are in sales at all then this can be especially beneficial as new clients come your way. A great time to self-promote.

Neptune also turns direct on the 6th and there might be some additional money coming your way.



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