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Cancer has their mind on their health right now. Your sixth house is very active and that is one that deal with the body. Most of us make some kind of New Year's resolution, but you may get a jump start on things and make your resolutions about health matters now. Go to tai-chi class or take up meditation. Whatever you do, it will have a beneficial effect on your overall well-being.

You are also concentrating on work matters. There may be some changes happening now that will benefit you later on. A good time to speak to your boss or look around at other possibilities. You will interview well if you are looking for a job and it is also a good time to find the people that can help you and support you if you are self-employed. Ther is a New Moon here on the 13th and that can indicate a change in attitude for you about work-related matters.

Mercury is plenty busy as well. First on December 2nd Mercury moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn and your seventh house. It will stay there for some time as on December 13th Mercury will turn retrograde. I love it. The planet of commerce and communication goes backward in the days leading up to Christmas. What fun. Look for more traffic and be sure and keep all your receipts from shopping. Retrograde Mercury can mean delays in shipping or being out of what you wish to buy. Shop early and allow extra time. Do not depend upon others to get the job done in the time allowed. Be sure to double-check all appointments. Parties get postponed and family plans get upset.

With Venus moving into Scorpio, you are in a more social mood than usual. You may even be the one to extend some invitations for a get together at your house. This is also a month that is the best for love and romance. If you are single, then you might meet someone special that adds a love glow to the season. And if you are already married or otherwise involved, then the two of you make some special plans just for the two of you.



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