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Happy New Year Cancer! Sweet Cancer is getting a bit of a break with Mars turning direct. The Crab has had to deal with Mars staying in your 12th house for months. This house is not always easy. When Mars stays here, we tend to feel more tired than usual. Sometimes more discouraged as well. So you have certainly had some challenges these last few months. But as Mars turns direct you get some of your energy back. Maybe a sense of hope and encouragement as well. Mars will finally leave Gemini and this area of your chart in March on the 26th to be exact. I do think you will start to see some positive changes before then.

Right now you have four planets sitting in your area of partnership. Mercury is still retrograde so there can be some miscommunication between you and a spouse or other partner. Mercury turns direct on the 18th and after that you can start to talk again and make plans. Until then, things look a bit fuzzy. Venus leaves here on the 4th and enters your 8th house of all things financial. Venus usually brings a nice present, so you might experience some extra money finding its way to you. At some point Venus and Saturn come together and some of this extra money might be from your work or other professional area. The first four days of January, Venus and Pluto sit next to each other and there can be some intense energy around partnerships that are either on the personal or professional front. You have felt stuck for so long, it may take you a minute to realize you are feeling differently now.



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