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Cancer is feeling a bit tired and a bit discouraged right now. That is because Jupiter has entered your twelfth house where it joins Venus and the Sun already there. So lots of energy behind the scenes. The Crab is good at going to ground and just staying home when it is not feeling 100%. There is lots of inner questioning and if you are involved in some kind spiritual work, this can be a very productive time. You are drawn to the mysteries of life. There are some deep conversations about life and death and all kinds of hidden subjects. With Venus here there may be more eating and drinking than usual. Not really a good time for a diet. Venus does not like to give things up. Instead Venus wants to give in to the moment and do what it wants. There can be secret crushes on someone you know or even some kind of romance that you do not want to speak about.

Little by little, as the month progresses, the planets start to move. First Venus moves out on the 18th and then the Sun follows on the 21st. So as we move into the last week of the month, you have more energy and are much more social. As Venus sits next to your Sun, you become more active and want to spend time with friends and enjoy some outings. There are concerts and plays and dinners to plan. You are having a good time so just go with it.

Mars is busy as well this month. It sits in your tenth house of professional matters. You are working hard and staying very busy. There may be meetings and even some travel that you are asked to do. You manage to get everything done but there is some tension or even temper that breaks through. Not everyone around you is getting along with each other. But it is still a good time to put yourself forward and to engage in and letting people see your work. Say yes to career opportunities as they may pay off later on down the road. Pay some special attention to the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 22nd. There can be some partnerships that speak to you and offer new insights.



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