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Thanks to the fact that Uranus has now turned direct, there is more going on for the sign of The Bull. Jupiter is still in your very own sign and will stay there till May. As Jupiter and Uranus slowly move closer and closer to each other, you get more and more ready for change. Now change is not always easy for Taurus. They are an earth sign and a fixed sign to boot. Stubborn is the word you are looking for. So it sometimes takes a big shove to get them out of one way of thinking and living and open up to some new ideas and possibilities. Between March and May this is what is happening for you. You are looking at a new future and thinking about making some changes that were unthinkable even last year. Some of these changes may be around career, since you have Mars, Venus and Pluto all in your tenth house of your professional life. But it can be some big changes regardless.

As March begins you have the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune all in your eleventh house. This area is about a new vision. What are your hopes and dreams going forward? This is also about friendships and you may be talking to friends you have not spoken to in some time. Invite them over, either for a visit or even just for dinner or to spend some time catching up. Your friends are a good support system right now so be sure to let them know how much they mean to you. This is also an area that is big on technology. You may be thinking of investing in some big technological items. Maybe a new computer or some podcast equipment. The New Moon of March 10th can also set some of these energies off. As the month progresses and Mercury and the Sun enter the 12th you turn within for the answers you seek.



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