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Jupiter has been sitting near the Bull's Sun for many months now. But on September 4th although it will stay in the sign of Taurus it is going to station retrograde. That means that some of the positive direct action of Jupiter is going to slow down. Jupiter is a wonderful planet for giving confidence and courage. This planet loves to travel so some born under this sign have been on wonderful trips or are in the process of planning one now. The point is that some things are going to slow down. Not stop entirely but certainly slow down. Nothing too bad about that. Allow yourself a little more time for things. The good news is that Mercury is about to station direct on the 15th. Mercury has been retrograde for a few weeks now and it is pretty annoying as plans have to be changed at the last minute and all your tech toys seem to have some kind of glitch happening. But now Mercury gets with the program and is ready to move forward. It is safe to turn on the computer again.

I love that Venus is now turning direct on September 4th. Since this Venus is residing in your 4th house of home and family there might be some positive news on the family front. Maybe a visit from some relatives as well. A good time to invite family over for a special dinner or plan some kind of celebration. You can even find yourself spending some money on new items for the home. You want your home to look appealing and you are not afraid to spend a little to make that happen. With both Mercury and the Sun in playful 5th house, you want to have a good time. Visit with friends and make some plans to do something silly and fun.



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