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Happy New Year Taurus! I love that this month we have not one, not two but three planets all changing direction from retrograde to direct. YES! The one that I think you will notice the most, is Uranus. Uranus has been in your very own sign for several years now, but it has been retrograde for many months. Taurus and Uranus do not always see eye to eye. Uranus is all about change and newness and Taurus is about sticking with the tried and true and is not always as open to newness as some of the other signs. But as Uranus has brushed up against Taurus, The Bull has had an opportunity to try new things and move in new directions. Those new directions slowed down when it turned retrograde. But now it is going direct and Taurus has a whole new outlook this year. Try new things and open the door to the unknown. You might be very glad you did.

Not only is Uranus turning direct but so is Mercury and Mars. So by the 22nd of this month every planet will be moving forward. What a great way to begin 2023. Mars has been sitting in your 2nd house of income earned. It may have been a bit up and down as Mars has been all over the place. But as Mars moves forward it stays that way until March when it finally leaves Gemini and enters the sign of Cancer. You might come to some kind of financial decision that you feel good about. Mercury is in your 9th house of travel and education. Travel plans might have run into a few snags during the holidays but things clear up now and you are ready to go. Since this house is also one that is very education oriented, you decide to take a class or learn a new subject. There can even be some good news if your job involves sales at all. There are four planets beginning the month here in Capricorn and your area of social media and advertising. Let's see what we can do with that.



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