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Sweet Capricorn may be feeling just a bit tired and worn out. That is because you have the Sun as well as Mars sitting in your twelfth house. This is an area of quiet contemplation. I know, just what December is all about right! So here you are at one of the busiest times of the year with not too much gas left in your energy tank. But this just means that you have to make sure you pace yourself this month. Capricorn is a leader and is really good at taking charge and getting everything done. But this year why not try something a bit different and delegate? Let someone else do the heavy lifting and you be the support person. You deserve some down time. Make sure you get enough rest. This placement does not give you a lot of physical energy so you have to make the best use of what you have. Be sure to do some self-care as well. Get a massage or take a day off just to veg. Although there is not a lot of energy available on the physical level, there is great energy available on the spiritual level. This month is a great time for meditation and contemplation. There may be some special dreams that give you insight and understanding about different issues in your life. It is perfect for getting a reading. Be sure to allow some artistic and creative expression to peak out. Go to a museum or attend some kind of photography exhibit. Maybe take a class on writing. This is the time to explore that side of life and when you do, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. And this is also a fabulous time for you own intuitive energies to make themselves known. Pay attention to the gut feelings. They will be right on the money.

On December 2nd Mercury changes signs and moves from Sagittarius into your very own sign of The Goat. As Mercury shows up in your first house your thinking is clear and strong. A good time for future planning. Just be warned that on the 13th Mercury will turn retrograde and stay that way until January 2nd. So be sure to keep your receipts and double-check your bank statements. Neptune also turns direct on the 6th and you become a much more creative thinker.



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