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Happy New Year Capricorn! Last month was a bit tough on you and you may have felt overwhelmed and just wanting to hide. But all that is different now thanks to the fact that you begin January with four planets in your very own sign. Things are looking up. I wish Venus would stay here all month but Venus moves out on the 4th. Not to worry. Venus enters Aquarius and one of your money houses. There can be a nice year-end bonus coming your way or even a delayed Christmas gift. You are already thinking of what you want to do professionally in 2023. Mercury has been retrograde for the last few weeks but it turns direct on the 12th and you can schedule meetings that actually take place now. Communication is better all round and you are able to get so much more accomplished.

Mercury is not the only planet that is changing direction. On the 12th Mars finally makes up its mind to start moving forward again. Since this planet falls in your area of health and well-being, there might be some medical procedure that you decide to get taken care of. Even if you do not have anything done to your body, chances are that people around you will be spending more time, effort and energy on their physical and mental well-being. You may be called upon to take care of a friend or relative as they recuperate. Work picks up and January finds you very busy, but that is just fine with you. Your energy level is back again and you begin the New Year with a much better attitude. Uranus is also a planet that has been retrograde for many months and is now turning direct. Uranus is making positive connections with your Sun and you are ready to make some changes that benefit you long-term.



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