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I know that December can be a month that is somewhat unpredictable. We are going to parties or hosting events. There is shopping and wrapping and baking, etc. So many of us are not too focused on work and career. But that is not the case for you sweet Pisces. Your energies are tied up in professional matters. There may be some kind of special project that you are put in charge of. Or maybe there is a new client that is super demanding. If self-employed then you are focusing on new plans and developments. There is not that much left over for the holiday needs. If you are retired, then this energy comes out in terms of home instead of work. Because once we are retired, our home becomes our job. So there might be shopping for new furniture or talking to contractors about a kitchen remodel. This may not be a typical holiday month.

Pay extra attention to December 13th. On that day, two things happen. One, there is a New Moon in Sagittarius. This means that there can be some kind of new event or change happening. But I see this as a good thing and not something to stress over. And on the 2nd Mercury will move from Sagittarius into Capricorn and go into your eleventh house. And then on the 13th Mercury will turn retrograde and stay that way the rest of December. Be cautious and careful about signing any documents. Read everything. And if it is extra important then you might want to have a lawyer look things over as well. There can be mix-ups and delays. Allow extra time if you are ordering anything online. Your package may end up in another state! Have a backup plan.

On December 5th Venus makes its move and leaves the sign of Libra and moves into Scorpio. This means that it leaves your eighth house and enters the ninth. Lucky you. You go from some deep and sometimes dark thoughts back into the light. You think about travel and your mind is much more clear and very strong. A good time to study a new subject or explore a new way of thinking. New books and workshops appeal and if you work in education then this can be an extra special positive for you.



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