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Happy New Year Pisces! January has some big shifts for the sign of The Fishes. The month begins with a strong social life. You receive invites from friends and you are going and visiting and in general having a good time. You might start to look for some kind of group you can either start or join. You want like-minded people around you. Because there is so much Aquarius energy around you, you are thinking of electronic toys and might decide on the spur of the moment to get a new phone or buy an Ipad instead. It is time to think of the future and this can be the future for 2023 or the future ten years down the road. Instead of scaring you, you feel more capable and in charge of what kind of life you want to have going forward. But as the month progresses, Venus moves away from the 11th house and into the 12th. Then it is joined by the Sun on the 21st. You want to stay home more and just be. This is an area of quiet contemplation. You are looking at your life and what parts of it you like and what parts of it you may not like. It is a time of questioning. But it is also very private so other people may not know you are on such a strong spiritual journey. Old wounds and old grief come up and do not be surprised by it. There can be things hiding in there that need to be examined in the light of day. Your inner life is super strong but your outer energy, not so much. Do not try and overdo or ask too much of yourself. Say no and stick to it. You need to rest and relax not clean out gutters and help a friend move. It is okay to ask for help for yourself. Pamper yourself with a spa day if you feel like it. Family issues come up but it is nothing you cannot handle so do not let it bother you too much.



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