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Pisces seems to be caught up in family issues this month. That can be family coming to visit or you making the trek to visit them. Jupiter has just recently moved into your 4th house and will stay there for the next year. Jupiter is a planet of expansion and so it could be that sometime during this upcoming year the family expands in some way. This can be a new addition in terms of a new baby but it can also be a child who gets engaged or welcoming a grandchild. Home issues are favored so a nice time to upgrade appliances or remodel the house. You want your home to be welcoming and beautiful and you are ready to make any changes needed to achieve that. Venus and the Sun are also here. Venus stays until the 18th and the Sun stays until the 21st. Venus loves to bring sunshine and rainbows, so expect some good news on the home front. Mercury begins June in your 3rd house, but on the 4th of June it changes signs and moves into Gemini and your 4th house as well. My, this house is busy. A time where you want to hunker down and stay home, not go globe-trotting all over the world. You also have a New Moon happening here on the 6th. You may have some new ideas about how to handle a family situation. Or there may be some exciting news from a parent or child.

Mars begins the month of June still in your 2nd house. It will change signs and move into Taurus and your 3rd house on the 10th. Use those first ten days of the month for any financial decisions. You are willing to work hard to earn a living and plan for the future. You are acting on your ideas and this is a good time for that. But then on the 10th it waves good-bye and enters your 3rd house. In this house it is going to bump up against Uranus, already there. As these two come together you are going to need to be extra careful in the car. Mars is all about speed. It wants to go fast. Uranus is sudden and unexpected events. Does anyone else think there could be a fender bender? Or you might end up with a speeding ticket because you were rushing. Slow down and be extra careful on the road. But there can also be an unexpected visit from a sibling or a new class or workshop you want to take. You are excited by new ideas and have sudden inspiration. This can open up a whole new direction in learning and in teaching.



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