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Mars has been in your area of love and romance for several weeks now, but on the 10th it waves good-bye to your seventh house of partnerships and moves into Taurus and your eighth house. Last month as all about love. Holding hands and whispering sweet nothings. You wanted romance. But now we are in an area of the chart that is more about passion and physical intimacy. Your libido amps up and you want to experience deep, intense connection in the bedroom. Mercury also begins June in this same area. It is a nice time for you and your spouse to maybe get away together for a few days. Make some time just for the two of you. Uranus is also in this same area and as Mars moves closer and closer to this unexpected planet there might be some surprising happenings. Since this area is also one that is concerned with financial matters, you may receive a bonus out of the blue. This can be something you receive or something your partner receives. But it is a nice time for positive financial news. You are ready to make any changes needed to save for retirement or maybe a down payment on a house. Finances look a bit unsettled but that does not mean bad. You may help out a family member with some unexpected expenses.

As Mercury moves into Gemini and your ninth house on June 4th, it joins Jupiter, Venus and the Sun already there. This is going to bring a lovely sense of excitement and wonder. The ninth house love adventure and trying new things. Since this house is also about education you are looking at taking some classes or signing up for some kind of retreat. The mind is very strong right now. If you do any kind of teaching then this combination is wonderful for coming up with new ideas and interesting ways of presenting information. This house is also about travel and you are looking at either packing for an upcoming trip or putting together some kind of itinerary for a future vacation. It is time to travel. This can be driving to another state to visit family or friends but it can also be something extra special that has you taking pictures for a passport. But in the middle of all this movement be sure to take care of your health. It is easy to forget self-care when you are busy but now is not the time to ignore your body.



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