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Happy New Year Libra! I know December was the month for home and family but for sweet Libra, January seems to have you close to home. You may just be worn out after all the busyness of December and be ready to chill at home for a bit. You might also be thinking of changes you want to make to the house. New carpet, change of paint colors, you are ready to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. On January 4th Venus leaves this area and moves into Aquarius and your 5th house. Venus wants to have a good time! This is a very romantic energy. So if you are single, then get out there and party and meet new people. I do not think you will go too crazy as Saturn is already there. Venus and Saturn want someone who is a keeper, not someone for right now. So there is a level of serious to this romantic vibe. In March, Saturn will finally leave here (aren't you glad) and move into a new area. Your love life picks up big time after that. But it begins now. On the 21st there is a New Moon as well, lighting up this area. No question about it, romance is on your mind for 2023.

On January 18th Mercury finally turns direct. Holidays can be hectic and a retrograde Mercury does not help things. I had so many people comment to me about crazy drivers and insane traffic in the days leading up to Christmas. Now that Mercury goes direct, things seem to calm down somewhat. You are better able to deal with family and understand one another better. It is now okay to call in contractors and sign documents and stalled projects get going once again. Mercury is not the only retrograde planet turning direct this month. Uranus is also a member of this club. On the 22nd it too turns direct and by month's end every planet is moving forward. A great start to 2023.



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