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Happy New Year Scorpio! We have a busy and exciting 2023 coming up and it kicks off this month. As January opens, Scorpio has four planets sitting in your 3rd house. This area of the chart is a busy one and so you might be traveling more now than you did during the holidays. Get your car checked out. It might be time for an oil change or some kind of update. You are talking to siblings and neighbors and engaging more than private Scorpio usually does. Venus moves away from this area on the 4th and enters Aquarius and your 4th house of home and family. Since Venus usually brings pleasure with her, it is a good time to talk to family. I know you may have just seen them over Christmas but trust me, now is a better time to talk. It is also a time when you are ready to roll up your sleeves and make some changes to you abode. You are ready to clean out the attic and to take on some kind of big project. Maybe remodel the kitchen? It can even be used to find the exact right home for you to buy. The Sun moves out of Capricorn on the 21st and joins the party in Aquarius.

Mars finally turns direct on the 12th and things seem to pick up financially. A good time to look at future investments or move some money around. After the 18th it is also a good time to apply for a mortgage. I say the 18th instead of the 12th because although Mars turns direct on the 12th, it is not until the 18th that Mercury turns direct as well. You do not want to apply for a mortgage while Mercury is retrograde. It is a complicated enough process without a retrograde Mercury adding to the stress. On the 22nd Uranus also turns direct for the first time in months. By the end of January all the planets are direct. We have a good start to a new year.



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