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Scorpio is getting ready to feel much better. For most of November, Venus has been sitting in your twelfth house. This area of the chart can be full of engaging in activities that do not serve us well. We have ice cream when we are on a diet or decide to call our ex at 2:00am. But now Venus on December 5th is going to leave Libra and move into Scorpio and your first house of self. As Venus comes and sits close to your Sun, you are ready to indulge yourself and enjoy life a bit. It is like coming out of the rain into the sunshine. You may be spending more money but you are okay with what you spend it on. There are pretty presents to buy, both for yourself and for others as well as more social activity. Scorpio can be quite private but not now. You want to be out and about. And everyone loves you. With Venus so close to your Sun, you are charming and gracious and manage to have everyone want to be close to you.

Jupiter has been retrograde (in backward motion) for months. But right here at the end of year, on December 31st, Jupiter turns direct and so you enter the New Year with Jupiter sitting in your seventh house ready to help you in multiple ways. The seventh house is one of love, romance and marriage. But it is also one of friendships and social engagements. As the New Year unfolds, you are even more busy than usual. If single, you will be dating more and may find someone special for you. And if married or involved, then this can be a very positive and exciting time for the two of you. Uranus is also here and will turn direct next month. Neptune is also turning direct this month on December 6th and it is also in an area of the chart that deals with dating and creative and social activity.

It does look like there is more money coming to you this month. If not actual cash there may be some kind of special holiday gift that is worth a large sum or is special to you in some way. There may also be some impulsive spending that is not like Scorpio at all. Although Mercury begins the month in this house as well, it moves into Capricorn on the 2nd and stays in that sign the rest of the month. It turns retrograde after the 13th so be sure to keep all receipts and check credit card statements.



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