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Gemini is feeling very quiet and a bit introverted as May begins. That is because Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun are all hiding out in your twelfth house. This is a very private area of the chart and so expect to pull into yourself more now. You may just feel overwhelmed with people and activity and want to avoid social engagements. Many people start to visit a therapist or counselor of some sort. Lots of emotions floating around. Old issues come to the surface and you are ready to work on them but may do so quietly and the people around you may not realize what you are going through. This is a very spiritual time for you. You are drawn to going deeper into some kind of spiritual awakening. There are classes and workshops that you attend and they may raise more questions than answers. Do not try and push yourself too far physically. There is little physical energy available to you right now. If you keep trying to do everything you usually do, it is possible your body will just force you to rest. This is a time to turn within and take care of yourself. The twelfth house is one of healing and it is a good time to take care of your body. Maybe visit a doctor or make an appointment to get some kind of procedure done that you have been thinking about.

The Sun changes signs and moves out the twelfth house on the 21st, Venus moves out on the 24th and Jupiter brings up the rear on the 26th. Maybe a week or so before hand you will start to sense the change in vibration. As these three planets move front and center into your first house, you will start to feel better and have more energy. Venus in the first is a lovely blessing, and a good time to ask for favors from anyone you need help from. You shine and are ready to be more social now and spend some time with friends and accept invitations. As Jupiter also moves front and center your perspective shifts and you are looking forward. Now is the time to plan a trip or even just be impulsive and hop on a plane and go somewhere just for fun. The New Moon of May 6th is also going to fall in your first house and makes a lovely Trine to Pluto. The two work together and it is a good time for all kinds of marketing and advertising.



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