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Happy New Year Gemini! Gemini has lucked out for much of 2022 with Mars sitting right next to your Sun. You have energy and excitement and have been able to take charge and make decisions. Yes, Mars has been going back and forth, retrograde and then direct but you still get the benefit overall. Now on January 12th Mars makes it final decision and leaves retrograde (backward) motion and not only moves forward, but stays that way until March when it finally leaves the sign of The Twins and moves into Cancer. You might feel more energized and excited about the future. Move on projects now as you will say good-bye to the action of Mars in March. But in addition to Mars, both Mercury and Uranus are turning direct from retrograde motion. On the 18th Mercury makes its move and turns direct. Now it is safe to return Christmas gifts and turn on the computer. There might be some good financial news as this Mercury falls in one of your money houses. A good time for financial planning. Uranus is hiding out a bit in your 12th house. This is a hidden area of the chart and often deals with our spiritual life as well as healing activity. You decide to explore new spiritual topics or study a new healing course.

The 8th house is the one to watch this month as it is full of planets. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all begin January here. Venus does not stay long, moving into Aquarius on the 4th but the Sun stays until the 21st and both Mercury and Pluto stay longer. This is an area of the chart where we turn within. Gemini is usually very social and loves people, but now you may be thinking some deep thoughts. Take your time and sort things out and you will be happier for it.



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