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Happy Birthday Sagittarius! With Mars sitting so close to your Sun, you have high energy and are ready to go! This can lead to a fun month but it can also get you in some trouble. Anger can come out more easily now so you will need to be careful about how you express it. There can be some impulsive words coming out that can get you in trouble if you act too quickly. But it will give you lots of strength to get everything done for the holidays. There is a New Moon here as well on the 13th. You are already looking ahead to 2024.

Mercury stays only two days in Sagittarius before changing signs and moving into Capricorn on the 2nd. This is going to ensure that you are spending some time thinking about financial matters. Capricorn is all about the bottom line and so you are planning for the future and if you need to make some changes, now is the time to make them. Once Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th, make sure that you go over every bank statement and double-check all receipts. There can be some missing paperwork that deals or relates to money and income. Your boss may promise you a bonus but I would not look for it to arrive until the New Year.

Venus is also on the move right now. On December 5th it makes its change and leaves Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio and your twelfth house. This area is one that is very compassionate and wants to make the world a better place. You may make a large donation to some charity that speaks to your heart. Or you can decide to volunteer at a food bank or hospital. You may even reach out to help a friend or relative who is in need of some help. It is easy to accidently make yourself a martyr. This is not an energy of discipline or self-denial. You want to give in and have whatever it is you want. There may be some overindulgence in food and drink.

Jupiter is also turning direct this month. It is not until the last day of December that Jupiter finally turns direct. This is going to help you in terms of your work, so do not be shy about asking for a raise.



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