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Happy New Year Sagittarius! The Archer kicks off 2023 with a big emphasis on income and earnings. You have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all visiting here. It is a good time for a budget review. What financial goals do you have for the upcoming year? There might be some extra money finding its way to you. Some of this financial bounty will probably come from career. It is a good time to take a look at your take-home pay and if it is working for you. On January 4th Venus leaves here and enters your 3rd house of communication and siblings. This Venus also comes together with Saturn, already settled in for a visit. This duo can really help you with all kinds of communication. You may speak up more or be called upon to give a talk of some kind. It is an excellent placement for any kind of writing. This can not only be a book, but a blog or article. Other people are ready to listen to you and so it is a great opportunity. If you have any brothers or sisters, then Venus can really help you out. A great time to come together and communicate well. Also a good time for a visit. This house is also one that loves cars. Be careful of speed. You do not want to begin a new year with a speeding ticket. But as the two (Venus and Saturn) come together, you have a rare ability to speak well in a way that almost anyone can relate to.

Uranus, which has been retrograde for months, finally turns direct. It is in one of your work areas. You are ready to make some changes. This can be a new boss or you interview with a new company or you decide to branch out on your own. You are a bit restless and do not want more of the same old, same old. Go ahead. It is your time.



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