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Sagittarius may be questioning some of your past professional decisions right now. That is because right here at the beginning of the month, on August 5th Mercury is turning retrograde. This is when the planet looks like it is moving backward instead of forward. So your thoughts may turn backward. You start to think about an old job you loved or question past decisions you made that impacted your career. It is a time of reflection, not necessarily a time to take new action. Do your research and put together a plan now. Start to implement once Mercury turn direct later in the month. Venus moves into Virgo and your tenth house on the 6th and brings all the help and support you need. People love you. Just be careful about committing to any new ventures too quickly. With the help of Venus you can look for a new job or work on a totally new idea. Talk to your boss or to anyone in authority that may help you move forward. A wonderful new opportunity can sometimes just pop up out of the blue when Venus visits here. The Sun will help out as well but not until the 23rd when it too, moves into Virgo and your tenth house. Until then it is all tucked up in your ninth house and Leo. A good time to think about educational options. Maybe going back to school or getting some kind of degree or certification that will help you along. Also a great time to go on a trip or just get out of town for some fun.

Jupiter and Mars are sitting together in your seventh house of partnership. This is an area about your spouse or significant other. You may rush into something with someone new but more likely you and your sweetheart make some time for yourselves and go away together. Have fun.



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