MONTHLY PREDICTIONS.................................................

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Get everything done the first two weeks of the month. By the 14th Mars makes it move and enters the twelfth house of inner contemplation. You want to stop and slow down just a bit. Your physical energy is going to be low so do not push yourself to do extra work or exert yourself with demanding physical projects. I know it is hard to Cap to kick back but by the second half of the month you will know exactly what I'm talking about. Remember that Mercury is also in the twelfth house for the first half of December. So your mind is on all things spiritual and healing for the first half of December and then rest and relaxation for the second half. I hate that at the time when so much extra is asked of us due to holiday demands, your energy is extra low. But sometimes it just works out like that and we need to honor our body. Sometimes it's okay to say No. Sometimes it's okay to ask for help. Now is that time.

But this is not bad news. Not at all. You are one of the especially lucky ones as Venus in Capricorn will sit up close and personal to your Sun. Everyone wants to be your BFF. Venus just adds a glow that attracts others. So if you are single then get ready, the next few months will see lots of social interaction. And if you are married or involved then your romantic senses amp up to 10 and you pull out the romance card that your significant other didn't even know you had. You will say yes to holiday parties and in general be out and about having a good time. At the same time you want to stay home and relax. Don't ask me how you will balance these two very different energies, but you will and balance them beautifully.



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