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There may be a bit of a glitch this month in terms of Capricorn's communication. That is because Mercury, planet of communication, is visiting your sixth house of work and health. If you are the one who has to give the presentation, make sure you have backup for everything. Computers may not work or there may be a spanner thrown into the event at the last minute. You can handle this as Cap is always super prepared but since this retrograde energy will not change direction until June 3rd, you might want to put off major purchases and make sure you keep all paperwork. Plans may move forward, but they do not move forward smoothly. Be prepared for delays. As the Sun enters Gemini on the 22nd you have even more to do and take care of. Sometimes there can be an old health issue that crops up again. Don't worry, you and handle it.

As we see first Venus and then Jupiter and Mars move from Pisces to Aries, you are becoming more and more focused on home and family. You might start to think about buying or selling real estate of some sort. There might be a new home on your horizon. But there can also be changes in terms of the home you are living in now. Some new furniture perhaps? Or maybe an adult child comes back home to live for a while. Capricorn is usually one of the more reserved signs but you are going to be more emotional now with three planets in this house of deep feelings. Just let it out and you will be happier.

Jupiter is going to be in this area of the chart from May until the end of October. So you will have an extended period of time to decide on your living space and understand your inner self.



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