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Sweet Gemini is busy and active this month but no one handles multi-tasking like you. First up is the fact that Mercury, your ruling planet has just moved into Gemini. Lot of power there. BUT and this is a biggie, Mercury will turn retrograde on the 10th. Very frustrating for you when your ruling planet is moving backwards instead of forward. Add to that the fact that May kicks off with four planets in Pisces and your area of career and you can see why you might be trying to do too many things.

First of all Venus moves out on the 3rd. You get some nice help the first three days of May but after that Venus is busy with other things and cannot offer you the career help it has been giving lately. Talk to your boss or ask about a raise those first three days. Then (and this is the big news) on May 11th Jupiter moves out of Pisces and enters the sign of Aries. It will stay in Aries until the end of October, so you get months to figure out the best way to use this. And if that is not enough, Mars leaves Pisces as well on the 25th and joins the family in Aries. That leaves Neptune alone to hold down the fort in terms of career. You might feel confused about which direction to take or if a recent change was the right one. Try not to be too impulsive. Remember Mercury is still retrograde.

Your eleventh house is the one that is holding so much energy, with Venus, Jupiter and Mars all visiting. Gemini loves people and now is the time to be around others. I know you have been focused on work for many months but now it is time to change focus. Visit friends and make time for a trip. Set some new goals and take a look at the new future you are planning for yourself.



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