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The sign of The Twins is heading into a very powerful year as Jupiter moves into your house of career at the end of this month. You are already thinking of what you want to accomplish professionally in 2022. There will be new opportunities and a wonderful year for spreading your wings and expanding your work. This can be increasing your prices if you are self-employed or getting promoted if you work in corporate. Be sure to toot your own horn and make sure everyone knows how great you are at what you do. There may be some confusion about just what you want to do or there may be multiple offers that you have to judge and evaluate. If you work in any kind of artistic field then this is a double blessing.

As if all that was not wonderful enough, you also have Venus sitting in your eighth house of money and finance. There could be some additional income coming your way. Usually Venus visits for a few weeks but now Venus has settled in for an extended visit and will stay here until March of 2022. And as Venus and Pluto join up there can be a large sum of money coming your way. At the very least you feel a bit more comfortable about finances. If you are married or involved then some of this largess may come through your spouse.



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