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Fun and funny Gemini if glowing brightly this month, thanks to the Sun being in your own sweet sign. Happy Birthday Twins! Sorry to say, Mercury, your ruling planet, is will stay retrograde until the 22nd. This can slow you down a bit. Computers don't work, phone calls get missed and appointments are lost. Very frustrating. But not to worry by the 22nd appliances start to work again and Gemini remembers their good mood. As Venus enters your second house of prosperity and abundance on the 3rd you start to feel like you can spend a little extra on non-essential things. Venus always enjoys pretty things. As Venus and Mars come together there can be a desire to redecorate your home. This can include buying new drapes or fluffing up the home in some way to make it more attractive.

By the 12th, Mars has changed signs and moved into Leo and your third house. This usually indicates forceful communication. Gemini likes to talk on any given day, but now you really amp things up! You think about writing a blog or starting a class as either student or teacher. This is going to give strength to the mind so you can engage in debate and you are unbeatable. But watch out with siblings and extended family. Mars can be quite aggressive and this vibration is all about brothers and sisters so there can be some harsh words if you are not careful. Wait until the 28th. On that day Venus is going to come charging to the rescue and you and your family are able to communicate much better.



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