MONTHLY PREDICTIONS.................................................

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The Water Bearer has demands at work that keep you busy for at least the first half of the month. You seem to be doing lots and have lots of demands on your time. There can be a bit of irritation cropping up as well so be sure to keep your temper. By the 14th Mars moves on, but at least for the beginning of the month you are juggling many different tasks and trying to please everyone.

As Jupiter changes signs after almost a year in Aquarius it waits until the very end of the year to make its move and enters the sign of Pisces on the 30th. Lucky you. As it enters Jupiter, it enters you house of prosperity and abundance, where it will stay for most of 2022. It is especially strong the first four months of the year. Use these months to increase your business. That may be raising your prices if you are self-employed or maybe getting a new job or some kind of big commission. If you work in the spiritual realm or the artistic realm, then this can be especially helpful for you.

With both Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius, there are sure to be party invites and lots of social activity. It is up to you what you decide to accept or reject. With Venus going retrograde on the 19th it could be that you run into an old love. There might be an opportunity to rekindle old flames



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