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The Water Bearer has been dealing with financial issues for most of last month and the beginning of this month as well. That is because Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are all in your second house of prosperity and abundance. There may be extra money in your pay envelope this week. Venus usually manages to bring a little gift wherever she visits. Sadly for you, Venus will leave on the 3rd so you do not get too much longer to enjoy her shining presence. However Jupiter does not leave until the 11th so you will have this huge planet for a bit longer. Mars does not leave until the 25th, so earnings and income are still very much on your mind. But now as planets start to leave, they enter your third house. This is an area of communication. You may be talking more or asked to step up and speak publicly to a group. I would say yes, if asked. You will be surprised at the benefits that will follow. This new house is going to play host to Jupiter until the end of October this year, so there are many months to get the full benefit of this placement. Siblings are part of the third house so you may hear from an out-of-town sibling or maybe you and a brother or sister join together for some kind of project. You have several months of writing more and teaching more and enjoying the world of language and words and ideas.

With Mercury in Gemini and your area of love and romance, you want to get away with your sweetheart. Be warned Mercury will turn retrograde on the 10th. Make your reservations before then. If possible, I would wait until after Mercury turns direct on June 3rd to travel but it is your decision. Just keep all your confirmations and paperwork.



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