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Cancer is thinking a lot about money right now. That is thanks to the fact that Jupiter is leaving one of your money houses and going off to do something else. Saturn is going to sit there alone with no help from the expansion of Jupiter. You could be feeling a bit strapped for cash. And here are the holidays when we usually have more expenses rather than less. Try not to go overboard on the spending. That does not mean that Jupiter is not giving you any help at all. Far from it. On December 30th Jupiter moves into your ninth house. This is an area of education. If you work in education, then there is an extra blessing. But even if you do not, moving into 2022 is the time to go back to school, sign up for some kind of higher education or even teach something yourself. It is a wonderful time for sales and promotions so do not be afraid to self-promote. Advertising and publishing are all part of this house so you could think about writing a book or doing some kind of public speaking. Get out of that Cancer shell and let people see what you can do.

I love the fact that Venus will still be in your seventh house of partnerships. Love is in the air and there can be great power and passion in this combination. Both business and personal partnerships will be affected and there can be new opportunities in both.



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