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Cancer is finally starting to feel better. April might have been a bit challenging with so many planets in a deep and private area of your chart. But now everyone seems to be in a good mood visiting in your ninth house. This area of the chart is all about higher mind. You might start thinking of going back to school. It is a lovely energy to teach something. Classes, workshops and talks are all emphasized, both to attend and possibly to teach. You know more than you give yourself credit for so listen to friends and family who tell you how good you are. If there is any subject you have wanted to study but been intimidated by, now is the time to tackle it. This house is one that loves adventure. Let your spirit soar and see where it takes you. Venus does not stay there long, leaving on the 3rd. What you want to pay a lot of attention to is the fact that Jupiter is also leaving on the 11th and will enter the sign of Aries. Lucky you. Big time stuff. As Jupiter enters Aries it will shine at the top of your chart. Your professional life is on steroids! Now is the time to get a raise or start your own business. You are ready for the next step. Allow yourself and your talents to be seen by everyone. With

Venus here as well you are in high demand and are well received so do not be afraid to speak out. Mars joins the fun late but gets there on the 25th of May. You are on fire! There is energy to spare as you try and do everything at once. Pace yourself. Remember that Mercury is retrograde so there may be snafus in terms of paperwork and communication. Double-check everything and keep some kind of paper trail. But since this Mercury is going to be in your twelfth house of inner contemplation it is the perfect time to meditate and receive higher wisdom. Turn within for the answers you seek.



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