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Sweet Cancer is feeling a bit low right now. As you begin a new month, you have the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in your area of hidden matters. Old wounds get brought up and you have to make sure you do not wallow in self-pity. You are feeling tired and worn out and the best thing you can do for yourself right now is rest. Take a few days off and just chill. Turn off the phone and putter around in the kitchen. Take time for you because the planets are saying you need some quiet time. With Mercury retrograde until the 22nd old issues can resurface, ones you thought you had dealt with long ago. Energies around health and healing are strong so you may be asked to help a friend or relative with a procedure or operation or some other kind of healing. The Crab knows how to nurture so extend that helping hand. You will also find your dream life picking up. Cancer is a water sign and pretty intuitive on a regular basis. But now things are really cooking! Pay attention to those feelings you get, they are telling you the truth and guiding you to the best action to take.

On the 3rd of June Venus comes out from the curtain of the 12th and sits pretty in your first house of self. Everyone loves you! This is the time to be seen and to put forward your ideas and projects. Talk to your boss about your future with the company. Interview for a new job if needed. This is a great placement for both your personal and professional life. This Venus will sit right next to your Sun, giving you a glow that no one can resist. For the last few weeks, you have been feeling cranky and unsettled. That is going to get better as Mars moves into a new sign on the 12th. Use the energy of Mars the first couple of weeks to go to the gym, work in the yard or clean up the house.

Communication may be a bit unsettled as Mercury is not only in an area of the chart that is murky but is retrograde to boot. Double-check everything. Follow-up on emails and don't be surprised if there is a miscommunication or some appointment gets missed. All part of the fun of retrograde Mercury. But this is lovely for all intuitive work. Your psychic vibes are oof the chart! Your Guides are speaking to you but best of all, you are listening. You are able to start making new plans for a new future.



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