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With three planets beginning the month in an air sign, Libra kicks off June with a nice boost of energy. The Sun, Venus and Mercury all send out calling cards to your own sweet sign of The Scales. Of course, after just three days, Venus glides into a new sign and enters the sign of Cancer. But both the Sun and Mercury stay for most of the rest of the month. Mercury stays retrograde until the 22nd. Be sure to double-check all travel plans. There can be missed flights and wrong reservations. You will want to keep all those confirmation numbers that we don't usually use.

As Mars and Pluto are fighting again, there can be some stress around how much time you spend at work vs how much time you spend at home. There is no perfect solution but you will have to juggle some to keep everyone happy. Work demands are high through the 12th. After that Mars moves out of your career area and into a new place in the chart. But Venus moves into Cancer on the 3rd and stays in your career area until the 28th. This is a beautiful blessing. Venus always brings a gift so now you can talk to your boss about a raise or go after that hard -to -get client. If self-employed then it is a good time to promote yourself in some way. There may also be some kind of honor or reward that finds its way to you right now. You get recognized for all your hard work. It is also a good time to look at advertising and marketing campaigns. Get a new website or up your sales campaign in some way. Libra needs to be noticed and to shine!



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