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Sweet Libra is getting ready to move into relationship energy this month. Although your ruling planet, Venus, begins May in the sign of Pisces, on May 3rd it moves into Aries and your area of love, marriage and partnership. Now for the big news, finally on May 11th Jupiter will leave Pisces and enter the sign of Aries. As if all that were not enough Mars also leaves Pisces this month and enters the sign of Aries. You have some major changes coming up. The beginning of May looks so very, very different than the end of the month. By the end of May Venus, Jupiter and Mars are all in your area of dealing with other people and figuring out how to bring two different people together or maybe two different ideas. Libra loves people and now you want to be with friends and lovers. If you are married or in love then this is a great month to make some time for the two of you have a weekend away or to show your love to one another. Sometimes this can show up as a lovely gift of some sort. But it can also be a kind and loving gesture that touches our heart. When we know our partner sees us and understands us, that is an expression of love at its best. If you are single, then this month might change that. You want to see friends and go to parties and socialize in general. Lots of opportunities to meet someone new and exciting.

All this new energy is also going to activate some good vibes for you taking care of you. Libra has been taking care of everyone else and now it is your turn. What is it you need? What is it you want? Lots of times I see people spend more, as we do not wish to deny ourselves anything. Just be sure to keep a watch on the overall budget and you should do fine.



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