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Virgo is busy on two fronts this month. First of all, Mercury is sitting in your tenth house of all things professional. This is not too bad by itself, but it turns retrograde on May 10th. Be sure to get all paperwork signed before that date. Also back-up computer work and double-check all appointments. It is easy to have miscommunications when Mercury is retrograde. We tend to have to redo things and everything seems to take longer. It will stay retrograde the rest of May, not turning direct until June 3rd. It is okay to sign paperwork after the 3rd. With the Sun and Uranus both in your ninth house of travel, there could be an unexpected trip that comes up. Go for sure, but allow extra time for delays and foul-ups. All part of the fun.

Your seventh house of partnership is full of planets. Venus begins May there but changes signs and houses after only three days. On May 3rd it moves into Aries and your eighth house. For the last few months Jupiter has been in this seventh house. There may have been a positive change in your relationship. It is a nice placement for getting engaged or married. And if you are single, it is a lovely energy to help you meet someone new and wonderful. But all good things must come to an end and on May 11th Jupiter will leave Pisces and move into Aries and join Venus in your eighth house. Then towards the end of the month Mars says 'wait for me' and joins the crowd in Aries. Your energies changes from let's talk about this together to feeling more private. These planets can bring up all kinds of old emotions and feelings. We tend to pull into ourselves more with this house so you may not be feeling as social. It is a time of quiet growth and deep thoughts. Some financial issues may come up as well.



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