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It looks like sweet Virgo may be the one hosting Christmas dinner or a holiday event of some kind. Your area of home and family is full of energy thanks to the visit of the Sun and Mercury. Mars comes to call as well on the 14th. Lots of energy around family. But with Mars as part of it, some of it may be a bit contentious. Family squabbles erupt and words may be said that cannot be unsaid, so be cautious about what words you use. There may be much cooking and cleaning and even buying new pillows or items to make your home more beautiful for company. The New Moon of the 4th is going to bring up emotions that you usually keep well hidden.

The good news is that Venus is blessing your love life from last month up until March of 2022. There can be a new romance showing up if you are looking. And even if you are not looking at all, this is a lovely energy for meeting new people and enjoy life with family and friends and people who are important to you. There can be some intense conversations with children or about having children. This is a very creative energy and you may decide to explore some kind of artistic pursuit. Take up watercolors or sign up for some vocal lessons.

As December comes to a close, Jupiter finally makes its move and leaves Aquarius and enters the sign of Pisces and your seventh house of partnerships. More on this next month.



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