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Lovely Leo is still busy looking at all the ways you want to change your job. Uranus is giving you a big push to take some chances and try new things. But Saturn is sitting opposite, saying that your spouse or partner may not be too happy with some of these changes. Make sure you and he/she talk it out so both of you are on the same page. With Saturn so strong right now, you might not have as much confidence as proud Leo usually has. That's okay. You are changing the future and that is not always easy.

With Mars beginning the month sitting in your 12th house it feels like a slow leak on your energy levels. You have to make sure you are getting enough rest. Otherwise not only will you feel exhausted all the time but you end up feeling discouraged and possibily even depressed. It is a good time to go within. You may be asking some big questions about the path you have chosen in life. It may be a good time to call your therapist (if you have one) and make an appointment. Time to talk about the big stuff. By June 12th Mars moves forward into your first house and you get some of you mojo back. But just as Mars is coming around, Venus and the Sun decide to take the place of Mars. There can be more soul searching on the menu. But don't despair. Along with all this sea of emotion, your intuitive insights are off the charts! Your dream life is stronger than ever and you feel very connected to higher energies.

By July you emerge from all this water-logged energy a new person.



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