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Leo is going to experience new work opportunities thanks to the fact that Venus is still in Capricorn and will stay there for some months. Venus is a planet of pleasure and wherever she is, there always seems to be something special happening. As Venus comes close to Pluto there may be some kind of special happening in the workplace. There may also be some romantic opportunities that show up at work.

This area of the chart is also about our health and well-being. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and don't overdo on the sweets this month. Not only do Venus and Pluto stay here all month but Mercury joins them on the 14th and the Sun follows on the 22nd. I know December is the month of holidays but it looks like you are working hard instead. Even if your health is fine, you may be taking care of someone else.

The Solar Eclipse of December 4th affects you more than most as this is your ruling planet. There can be issues around children. If you do not have any children then friends take their place. You will accept invitations and your social life is pretty active all month. If you work in a creative area then this is an additional blessing.

Just as the month ends, Jupiter makes its move and enters Pisces and your eighth house of financial matters where it will stay for much of 2022. You may have a strong financial year coming up.



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