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With so many planets in your eighth house you might not be in the mood to be around people right now. I know this is very not-Leo like. Usually you love parties and social gatherings but not now. This is a very private area of the chart and so you may be looking within. Do not be surprised if you find yourself extra emotional right now. You might be thinking of old grief's that you thought you had finished with. There can be thoughts of those you have lost and it can be very sobering. It is a good time to talk to a counselor or therapist. There are many ah-ha moments as you uncover ever deeper layers to who you are.

Money issues also come up now. The eighth house is all about the money. A good time to pay off debt or start a new saving budget. But on May 3rd Venus leaves this house of deep thought and moves into Aries and your ninth house. This is followed by the big move of the year - Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters the sign of Aries on the 11th. Jupiter will stay in Aries from May of this year until the end of October. Lucky you. This is not only a house of luck but one of expansion. You might be thinking of how to make your life bigger and better in some way. Your vision is one of possibilities. An excellent period for any kind of advertising or marketing. Build a new website or create a new campaign for some product you create. This is all about being known so do not be shy about tooting your own horn. As if all that were not enough, Mars leaves Pisces and joins this duo in Aries on May 25th. You are more forceful and confident. There might be a trip or two as well as some new educational opportunities. Watch out for miscommunication with friends. Double-check your words and plans.



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