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Aries is feeling a bit tired and confused right now. That is because you have four planets all on vacation! That's right. May begins with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in your twelfth house. This is a water house and so it is like a big bucket of water just got thrown over these very high-energy planets. That means your energy is nowhere to be found. You might be feeling as if you are exhausted just getting dressed. This is totally normal although I will be the first person to say it might not be comfortable. No matter our age, when we have no energy, we feel old. But do not despair as the month progresses one by one the planets leave Pisces for the much more energetic pastures of Aries.

First up on May 3rd Venus waves bye-bye and moves into Aries and your first house of self. Immediately you start to feel better. As Venus moves closer to your Sun, your natural warmth starts to resurface and you are once again displaying that charisma that you are so known for. Now for the big news. On May 11th Jupiter will finally leave Pisces and enter the sign of The Ram as well. Joy! Once Jupiter enters your very own sign, you not only get a burst of energy, you start to feel more confident and assured. All these planets sitting around doing nothing has had you questioning yourself but now you know you are on the right track and new opportunities are showing up out of the blue. I love it. You get a very nice bonus in 2022 as Jupiter will stay in your own sign from May until the end of October. This is a blessing for sure. There might be some travel opportunities coming your way. You want to get busy and go places and try new things. What a great energy going forward.

And as if all that wonderfulness wasn't enough, you also have Mars bringing up the rear on May 25th and joining everyone in Aries. You have energy to spare and are raring to go!



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