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Aries is getting a very special present this month thanks to the presence of Venus sitting at the very top part of your chart in the tenth house of career. Usually Venus spends about three weeks in one sign but now Venus has changed its mind and decided to spend the next several months in Capricorn, not leaving until March of 2022. Wherever she goes, Venus brings a little something. And right now she is bringing you some lovely gifts in terms of your professional life. It is a great time to put yourself forward and be seen in a positive light by your boss, co-workers and clients. You manage to land the big account and receive kudos and praise for a job well done. You have more confidence than usual and as it comes closer and closer to Pluto there is power and position as well.

As if all that were not enough to make this an exciting month, you also have Jupiter finally changing signs and entering your twelfth house of inner contemplation. Be aware that this is not a high physical energy place in the chart. You may begin 2022 feeling kind of tired and a bit run down. Be sure to take good care of yourself on every level. As Jupiter takes hold, you start on a new journey of self discovery for the New Year. It's a good time to talk to a counselor to visit a hypnotherapist to dig into all those hidden layers. But even if this energy is not strong for physical energy it is superior for spiritual energy. You move into a time of hunger for Divine connection and understanding. This can be an incredibly powerful time for self-understanding and metaphysical happenings. Pay special attention to your dreams as they can be a doorway to visions from your higher self.



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