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It is all money, all the time for sweet Taurus for the month of June. You are thinking about the family budget and how to increase earnings. If you are already financially comfortable, then you are thinking about how to invest it and make it grow. The Solar Eclipse of June 10th will fall here as well, putting even more pressure on your financial well-being. This can sometimes translate into additional income falling at your feet. And if that happens you know your only response should be Thank-You. The Bull doesn't mind hard work and will gladly work for what they have, but they can sometimes struggle to be a gracious receiver. They are much better at the gracious giving.

Venus changes signs on the third and moves into Cancer, where it joins Mars, already there. Venus will stay until the 28th and then glide into Leo, to finish up those last few days. Until then you have two opposite planets in the area of your chart that deals with extended family and siblings. Your brother or sister may come to visit. There can be lots of talking and discussing ideas. You don't have to agree but you do have to listen. By the 12th Mars has moved along and into the sign of Leo. Then it is all love and light with siblings. Put off serious talks until after the 12th if possible.

Be especially careful in the car this month. With Pluto fighting both Venus and Mars, you can get a ticket or just give in to the urge for speed at just the wrong time. Not such a good month to travel but you can start to make those travel plans for the future. l slow down and you get your wish. Don't worry it is only temporary. But career is still a main theme this month.



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