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For most of 2021 the Bull has had Jupiter sitting in your tenth house of career and public opinion. You have had more confidence to go where you want to and do what you think is right and the heck with anyone who disagrees. Others have wanted to hire you and to work with you. But now Jupiter is leaving and Saturn will sit there alone, gaining more prominence and power as we move into 2022 next month. Jupiter has you expanding your social circle and adding in new friends. Old friends call you and you may even go out of town for a few days with your social group, just for fun and relaxation. Friends support you and you may find them of great benefit to you now.

Jupiter will help you reassess your dreams for the future as well as your ideals. As Jupiter joins up with Neptune in a couple of months, your spiritual life is of great importance to you and you may join new groups that you feel will help you achieve a greater understanding of The Universe in general and your particular place in it.

Venus is still visiting Capricorn and will stay there for the next couple of months, giving you an opportunity to travel and meet new people. Taurus can be a bit of a homebody but Venus has other ideas! On the 19th Venus turns retrograde and you hear from an old love or just sort of have a longing in your heart for past friends and lovers.



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