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Scorpio has their mind on money this month. That is because Mercury is sitting in your eighth house of money matters. Not only that, but it turns retrograde on the 10th. Be sure to watch the spending. If there is a big-ticket item you have been wanting to buy, do it before the 10th or after June 3rd when it turns direct once again. There is also a New Moon is this very same house on the 30th, so you may see some changes to your overall budget. Old financial issues come up once again but you can handle it. The Sun enters this same house on the 22nd, adding in their two-cents worth of energy, so you feel ready to make some changes and take charge of what kind of outcome you want to see.

You are also ready to do something that Scorpio does not do enough and that is play. Scorpio can be kind of serious about things but that doesn't mean they do not like to have a good time. They do. They just keep putting it to the end of the list and somehow, they never seem to get to it. But now they do. May is the month to take a few days off for a beach vacation. Drive out of town to see a friend. Invite people over for dinner. In other words make time for the people who are important to you and enjoy time in their company.

And in case your forgot, this fifth house area of the chart is very romantic. Scorpio can be extremely romantic when they put their mind to it and you are doing so now. You and your sweetheart carve out some alone time and you are both very happy about that indeed. If single, then this month is the one to get out there and flirt up a storm. You are not often a party animal so make the most of it and enjoy yourself.



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