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Scorpio is feeling a bit feisty now thanks to Mars being so close to your Sun. You have energy and drive but make sure your temper does not get out of hand. There is an impatience to Mars that can make the holiday season especially irritating. We want everything to happen now and tend to get annoyed if it doesn't. But on the 14th Mars changes signs and moves into Sagittarius. There can be extra spending on holiday but also end-of-year bonuses that bring a smile to your face. There may be some time spent on how to balance the family budget going into 2022. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 4th can bring new insight and you may change some of your long held ideas about earnings and income.

Jupiter has been in your fourth house for much of 2021 but that is not the case going forward into 2022. Now Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces right at the end of the year on the 30th and will stay there for months. As Jupiter sits in your house of pleasure, you remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. This is a beautiful placement for love and romance. Whether single or married, you want some kind of love right now. This can even be love of family and friends. It looks like 2022 is going to bring more opportunities to enjoy life.



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