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Sag is getting in tune with their inner self this May. It is helped along by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 16th. It is going to fall in your twelfth house and that is one woo-woo house. Your intuitive level increase and you 'just know' more and more. There is a hunger to reach higher states and know more about the spiritual aspects of life and yourself. Some of this may be brought about because of a health issue. With both the Sun and Uranus visiting your area of health and well-being, you want to get healthy and stay healthy. It is actually a really good time to make some changes. Focus on the goal and take that first step and you will be amazed at what the result will be. Issues around service are in your mind now. How can you help others? Sometimes this is in a general way to help the world. But sometimes it is a specific person who needs your help.

With four planets in your area of home and family, you are thinking of how to change or improve your home life. Jupiter has been a lovely blessing here for these last several months. On May 11th Jupiter makes its move and enters the house of fun and pleasure. You have been feeling some things on a very deep level, whether you are talking about them or not. But as these planets leave one-by-one they all end up in this lovely area of enjoying life. With Venus here from the 3rd onwards, you want love. This can be romantic love but also love of friends and love of family. Heck, even love of pets. Your heart opens to others and you are a magnet for love and kindness. Take up an old hobby and remember how much you used to enjoy it. This is a time for a fresh new energy so allow yourself to spread your wings and bring laughter and joy into your everyday life.



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