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With Mars, a planet of high energy, is on vacation right now, you might not be feeling super energetic. That's okay, it's time to kick back and chill for a couple of weeks. There has been a lot of outer focus lately, but now is your time to chill. Take a few days off or go get a massage. Visit the spa or go on retreat. It is a very spiritual time as your intuitive senses are riding high. A good time to sign up for some kind on intuitive development training or visit an astrologer. There can be some special experiences in regards to your Angels and Guides. Just do not try and physically push yourself. If you refuse to listen to your body, then your body will make sure you do, and it might be the hard way.

As Jupiter makes its move (finally) and changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces on the 30th, you are thinking about home and family. Real estate may be on your mind especially strong as you enter a new level of vibration. This can be thinking of selling your home or buying something new. Even if you are staying at the same place, you want to make some changes. Buy new furniture or paint a room. This is a very positive energy so you can see opportunities just drop into your lap. It is a very fertile time so there can situations that come up in regards to family. Children come to visit for the holidays or some of you may get the message that you are going to be a grandparent.

Venus is still in Capricorn and will turn retrograde on the 19th. This is not always an easy placement for Venus but it should bring in some good energy in terms of your career. Since this Venus is going to be in your second house for some months, there can be a nice year-end bonus or some kind of kudo you receive. This can also translate into a financial bonus of some sort. And as Venus and Pluto join up there can be some intense romantic energies flowing around. A powerful month on so many levels.



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