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Sagittarius has been focusing on relationship issues for the past few weeks. Not bad mind you, just maybe you and your partner talking a lot about your future. With Mercury here in this house and retrograde until the 22nd, I would avoid making any final decisions. You may feel like the two of you keep talking about the same old subjects. Retrograde energy can bring up old patterns so we don't always move forward the way we want to. On the 3rd, Venus is going to leave and enter the sign of Cancer and your 8th house. This house is all about physical intimacy so do not be surprised if your libido starts to speak up! We crave touch. Now this can be the touch of a lover but it can also be the touch of a professional massage therapist. It does not have to be sexual to be intimate. We want silk sheets against our skin and comfortable clothing to wear. Mars is here as well until June 12th and then it moves into Leo and out of this area.

With Mars in a brand-new sign mid-month you start to think about making travel plans. The Archer loves to travel anyway and now Mars is pushing the envelope. You might get on a plane but you might also start to make some plans for later this year or next year. The world opens up when planets visit here. With Venus staying in your money house from June 3rd until June 28th, you can be on the receiving end of financial gifts. Your investments do well and money just kind of finds its way to you. There may be some impulsive spending but I don't think you get out of control. You may just enjoy watching your bank balance grow.

As Venus touches upon Jupiter in Pisces there may be more money spent on the house or making some home improvements. It's okay. You have been thinking of this for a long time and now it is time to get busy. It is also a good time to talk to family. Invite them to visit or get in the car and go see them. You will all have a good time and be glad you got together.



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