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Pisces begins the month with all kinds of planets in your very own sign of The Fishes. This brings power. When we have Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in your sign, you feel strong and capable. Venus is the first to move out as on the 3rd of May it will leave Pisces and move into the sign of Aries. You have been dealing with Pisces issues for these last few weeks. This can be something around health or healing. Pisces is also very artistic and so if you are an artist or work in the arts then you have been pretty busy. And of course, let us not forget how very intuitive Pisces is. These last few weeks have been great for giving you energy to start a Mind/Body/Spirit business. But now Venus moves into your second house of money and prosperity. I love it. Venus usually brings a little gift when she comes calling, so there might be some extra money coming your way. You might get some kind of financial break on an expensive item. Just be open to all the ways the Universe may provide. Jupiter makes its big move on the 11th and moves from Pisces into the sign of Aries. Lucky you. It joins Venus in this area of the chart and together the two amp up financial abundance.

Jupiter will stay here for much of the year, not leaving until the end of October. It is time to earn more and receive more. Pisces is such a giver that you sometimes forget to allow yourself to receive. Now is the time. And of course, we cannot forget Mars, bringing up the rear. On the 25th Mars leaves Pisces and joins these two in the sign of the Ram. More financial energy. May can be a time of increased earnings and good financial decisions. I like that it will also help you to believe in yourself. Things may be a bit confused on the home front but don't worry. By next month all is calm once again.



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