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Sweet Pisces may be in the spotlight right now, thanks to both Mercury and the Sun shining bright in your tenth house. Work is going well and you may receive some kind of recognition or reward for your contributions. When Mercury is around there always seem to be more meetings and conferences and errands to be taken care of. On the plus side, you can lead meetings and it is a great time for any kind of talk or public speaking. As Mars gathers its energy and joins the fray on the 14th, things heat up even more at work. You might want to think of getting as much of the holiday jobs out of the way as soon as possible. Do not leave things to the last minute as you will end up severely stressed. But as long as you are keeping things simple, you should be fine.

For the last year, Jupiter has been sitting in your area of inner contemplation and quiet time. You have been reflective in 2021. Maybe evening grieving for someone you lost. Low energy all round, but high energy on healing old wounds and understanding self on a new and much more profound level. But all that changes on the 30th, as Jupiter changes signs and moves into Pisces and your very own sign. Things change and you move out of the shadows of the twelfth and into the light of the first. You may not be aware of how much you have grown this past year but you have and as you move forward into 2022, your mood lifts up and you are ready to face the world.

There is more energy and more confidence. You feel like you have new dreams and are ready to tackle the world. All this may not show up right away but as the year progresses you become more and more confident and new opportunities just sort of find their way to you. It is up to you to decide if you want to say yes or no. It's time to raise your profile and let the world see who you really are.

As 2022 opens up you are ready to expand your mind and learn new subjects. University beckons or you decide to get some kind of training for a new career. Study and learning surround you. There might also be lovely opportunities to travel and see new sights. The world will be much more exciting this year - enjoy.



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