Welcome to my astrology website. I have worked as a professional astrologer for more than 30 years. Astrology continues to excite me and astound me every day. As a Karmic Astrologer a reading with me is a bit different from the typical astrology reading. I always take time to meditate upon each chart before doing a reading. During this time I am usually shown visions of your past lives and how they are impacting this current life. As I tell you what I have seen, there is often a deep sense of knowing that happens and a connection to your highest spiritual path can open up. People find answers to questions they have struggled with for years. Astrology offers answers and insight on the past, present and future. It is my joy and my privilege to share my gifts with you.

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Susan's Karma of the USA July 4th Talk - 1 hour / only $20
Each individual has a natal chart created from the moment they come into physical life. Likewise, nations have an astrology chart as well, created from the moment they came into being. The nations chart shows their lessons and challenges as well as their gifts and potential for success. What is the destiny of the US? Join me for this talk about what our nation's chart shows us about America's personality why we express ourselves the way we do. How do we heal our nation's problems and where do we need to look for guidance? Join me for this talk for a whole new look at the United States of America. You can purchase the live-stream here. Once you have confirmed payment in Paypal you will immediately be redirected to the live stream video page.
1 hour live stream talk only $20
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