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Jupiter entered Virgo on 08/11/2015. This is quite the change from Leo in happy and outgoing Leo. Boom. We all fall to earth with a bang. Virgo wants almost the opposite of the things Leo liked. Here we are asked to look at life in a most concrete way. What works for us and what doesn't? Leo wanted fun and the details could take care of themselves. Virgo thinks if you take care of the details, the fun will follow later on, if all your chores are finished correctly, of course. This sign can be a bit of a nitpicker. They want things done right. And so this is where we ask more of ourselves. We want to be the best at what we do and we'll work super hard to get there. Because of this dedication to ones goals it's possible to see your career take off and reach the next level while Jupiter visits here. What kind of career do you want? If it is a promotion you are after then you pay your dues here and look for suitable reward later on.

Whether we like it or not, we need Virgo in our lives. Without Virgo energy our lives can fall apart. Who is paying the mortgage? Are our checkbooks balanced? Did anyone remember to pick up milk? These are all the small mundane matters of daily life. And Virgo excels here. Subjects we have avoided because they "aren't fun" are now looked at. We take the time to do a job right instead of doing it fast. We care about the quality of our work and the quality of our lives. Because we care so much more about what is right and proper we can make great strides in our health. With Jupiter in Virgo until September 9th 2016 we can change our bodies for the better. I have seen so many people suddenly decide to eliminate sugar or gluten from their diet. Others join a gym for the first time and I bet the yoga studios will clean up. Virgo has a strong health component and now we want to be healthy and strong. If there are health issues that have been on the back burner they will crop up again with Jupiter in Virgo so don't be surprised if it seems as if everyone around you is dealing with a health issue of some sort. Look for new organic products to hit the market and make an impact. This is the year we all go green. Anyone involved in a janitorial profession or housekeeping industry will have a good year. Virgo is all about cleanliness so any business or profession that deals with keeping things clean should have an exceptionally good year. Likewise we should see some new medical breakthroughs that make dealing with certain diseases much easier. Healing on all levels takes place this year.

On a personal level we have to beware of becoming too critical. Virgo is a perfectionist. We don't just want it right - we want it perfect. Without realizing it we become hard on ourselves, refusing to acknowledge our successes while focusing on our difficulties. And we have to be especially careful around our children. No child is perfect, but again we can tend to forget this as we ask our children to live up to a standard so high no one can reach it. Virgo is famous for Yes, but…. As in, yes, I know I got an A on the test, but it I had answered that last question it would have been an A+. Or yes, I know I got the promotion but it's only because the front runner dropped out. Don't let yourself fall into this yes but trap. It can rob you of enjoying your accomplishments and put on a never-ending treadmill of self-criticism and fault-finding.

Below I've listed the twelve signs of the zodiac and a few sentences about what Jupiter in Virgo will mean for them:

Aries - Will be working hard this year. Aries is ready to go for some kind of certification or credential that shows the world what they can do. Absolutely they will look at all health matters this year and take care of anything that crops up.
Taurus - Should be playing more in 2016. It's time to take a vacation or enjoy time with friends. Take up a new hobby. If single, this is the year to meet someone new and take romance to the next level. A good year to have a baby if desired.
Gemini - All about home and family for the sign of the Twins. Take a look at your home and decide if you want to stay there. If so, there may be a few things you change or renovate. There can be family issues coming up. Maybe a parent needs you or your child get married or you become a grandparent.
Cancer - You are thinking about teaching and studying and all kinds of classes and communication. Cancer likes to hide but you are more vocal and ready for your voice to be heard. If you have any siblings then you will be spending more time with them or even make peace with them. if there have been problems.
Leo - Congrats Leo. You are one of the lucky ones who will benefit financially this year from Jupiter. At least until September Jupiter in Virgo will be bringing you more money and more opportunities for improving your future income. Yea!!
Virgo - Well with Jupiter in your first house of self your confidence increases by leaps and bounds. This is your year Virgo. Take a chance. For sure take that vacation you have always dreamed of. Some of you will decide to go back to school or get some kind of degree. You are ready to be both student and teacher.

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