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I've already written about how Venus in Gemini operates generally. But, as always the question becomes how does this affect me? For some of you Venus is blowing kisses and heaping gifts, for others it may not feel like moonlight and roses. Below I've written a short description of how this extended visit in Gemini is going to affect each sign.

For the Ram, this extended visit of Venus in the sign of Gemini is going to fall in your 3rd house of communication. When this house is active we want to study something and so you may think about going back to school. On the other hand you have much wisdom and could also think about teaching something. Either way it is focused on study and learning. But this is also the area of the chart that deals with siblings. For the next couple of months it is a good time to reach out to brothers and sisters. You can join forces now and work together on something. And of course don't forget that the 3rd house rules cars and trucks and most things that move. You can get new car fever and fall in love with some hopelessly way out of your price-range car and just have to have it. We buy more impulsively when Venus is here. We want the latest phone and newest computer and most fun gadget. Be careful of spending.

Lucky Taurus has this visit of Venus falling in your 2nd house. This is the area of the chart that deals with prosperity and abundance. And Venus is a planet of blessings. You do the math. You get some astrological help on the financial front until August. Sometimes this can be getting a check you didn't expect or a nice tax refund. Maybe you can get through on the unemployment line when no one else can. A friend or relative is there to help you out with a gift or loan. And for some lucky Bulls it can be that business doesn't stop or even fall off but actually increases. You can use this time to build a business or make some good investments. Even if the stock market is not doing well it doesn't mean that you cannot make money. I love Venus here as she helps with self-esteem. We believe in ourselves more when Venus shines here and isn't that nice to have for the next few months? You might even be a little impulsive with gifts. Love it.

You lucky thing. You get to have Venus coming in to snuggle up to your Sun, not for the regular three weeks. Oh no, you get to have sweet Venus in your own special sign for four months! That's right from now until August Venus sits next to your Sun, shining brightly for the entire world to see. That means that people will just like you more. Everyone wants to be around someone blessed by this planet. There is a charm and graciousness that people notice and you can charm your way into or out of just about anything. Regardless is you are single or married, this is a lovely time for relationships. I know, I know, we are on lock-down and how do you meet people. But I'm telling you Venus finds a way. Of course, this is a bit easier if you are already involved with someone. You two get to spend time together and look into each other's eyes. You want to do all those special things for the one you love. Gemini is not usually too mushy but get ready - three months of mush is on the way.

Cancer the Crab is going to experience this visit of Venus in a bit of an odd way. It is going to fall in your 12th house. Now this is one of the more hidden areas of the chart. When we are dealing with 12th house energy we don't want to leave the house, much less engage with people. This is an energy of retreat and contemplation. But with Venus here it means that you can have some beautiful connections with higher energies. We long for some kind of beautiful personal experience of the Divine. Beauty and harmony become important to us and our spiritual life can unfold in new and fulfilling directions. But this energy can also bring up ways that we cope or even act in a self-destructive way. What do you do when you are unhappy, because those are the behaviors you reach for now. Maybe you find yourself drinking more of retreating from people more. For some this can be calling up an old boyfriend/girlfriend in the middle of the night. Or maybe you go on a shopping spree for a little retrial therapy. You have to be very aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it when Venus is here.

For sweet Leo this Venus transit is going to light up your 11th house. This is also going to work in a lovely and harmonious way with your Sun. Double luck for the Lion. The 11th house is the area of the chart that deals with friends and group activities. Now this may be a bit difficult during a shut-down but Leo will find a way. Since this area of the chart also deals with technology I'm thinking that Leo is going to use Zoom to connect with friends or upgrade their social media to make sure their name is out there. It is also a time when friends come through for you. There can be contacts with those who can help you professionally or maybe a friend just knows someone who can help you with a problem you are struggling with. Leo usually has lots of friends and they are all eager to help you. Plus, this house deals with our hopes and dreams for the future. Now your dreams may get bigger because you have the help of Venus sitting there whispering that you can do it. So don't let any negative voices stop you. Get busy and get going as Venus will not be here forever and you want to make sure you get the most help from this planet that is possible.

I love that Virgo has Venus sitting in Gemini for months at the tip-top of your chart and offering you all kinds of help in terms of work and career. I just love Venus here. This sweet planet has a way of bringing reward and recognition when it enters this house. It might be that you are rewarded for a job well done. Venus also has a way of shielding us from harm, so you may not lose your job even if others are being let go. It is the perfect time for you to put yourself out there and go after those really big clients. Cold call. You have the blessings and help of Venus now and I want you to make full use of it. Talk to your boss about your ideas and they will be well received. We want some kind of social prestige with Venus here. It can even be that you and a partner come up with some kind of plan that can bring even bigger rewards later on. Don't be shy about taking a chance right now. Venus is a feminine planet and so women may help you out in some way. If you have to ask for a loan talk to a female bank representative.

Lucky Libra has this Venus in Gemini being busy in your 9th house. This is the part of the chart that deals with education and travel. I know, I know, we are on lock-down but there might be a nice opportunity to travel that either comes up between now and August or an opportunity is offered to you now to travel later on when restrictions are lifted. Be on the lookout - if you want to travel I think you will be able to. And as far as learning and study goes, you are on a roll. It is a good time to tackle any subject that is difficult for you. You have the help of Venus now so you can get an A. This is a lovely time to work on any kind of sales or promotion work. If you work in marketing then boy do you clean up. There are good ideas that just come to you out of the blue. It is also a creative time that can be used to write that book you have been thinking about for years. Venus not only gives you some good ideas, it gives you the help you need to get over those first few steps. Your mind is strong right now so pay attention to all those wonderful ideas that are swirling around in that creative mind of yours.

Lucky in money Scorpio scores again as Venus enters your area of income from others and stays there until August. Scorpio is usually pretty good at making money as well as saving money. Now with the help of this sweet planet, there is no stopping you. There seems to be an unseen hand operating behind the curtain to help you along. This can be getting a nice tax return or maybe your unemployment money comes through. For some businesses this is actually a time of increased revenue instead of a decrease. Since this is the area of life and death occasionally I will see some kind of inheritance show up. This can be money or something of value coming your way. In addition to all this positive financial news be aware that the 8th house is also the area of the chart that deals with our sexuality. Venus loves all things sensual and luxurious. We want to be physical and intimate. Now I know right now we are barely allowed in the same house with family members but there you go. It is a lovely transit but the timing could be better.

Sweet Sag has this Venus visit in one of the most powerful places in the chart and that is the area that deals with love, romance and relationship. It is going to fall opposite Sag's Sun sign. Venus is all about love and harmony. Sagittarius wants love now. If single then you want to meet people. This can be face-to-face but also online or in some sort of tech assisted way. It is a beautiful time to work with others. If you are married then it can be a special time of the two of you coming together to create a future that is lovely for both of you. There can be additional spending now until August as you buy online or decide that you need new clothes, new furniture and new jewelry. This can be a very enjoyable and very sensual period for Sag but it can also be extra expensive as you impulsively purchase anything that catches your eye. If there have been disagreements or fights with anyone, now is the time to make peace. You are more able to listen and to hear different viewpoints without judgement. It can also set you up for future positive results.

Sweet Capricorn will experience the next few months with Venus in you 6th house. This is very fitting as this area of the chart deals with health and well-being. Venus here is a nice blessing during such a crazy time in our nation and in our lives. This lovely planet can help bring good health news. I'm not just talking about this pandemic. I'm talking about your blood pressure dropping or finally losing weight or maybe exercising at home and seeing your body become more toned. This is a beautiful energy for self-care. Capricorn can sometimes be so focused on work and outward demands that they forget to take care of themselves. But not now. It is time to take a look at your body and see what kind of changes you want to make. This is also a very positive energy in terms of work. If you want to talk to your boss about something or work on a creative new idea this placement of Venus will open the doors for you. But this placement is not all about self. The 6th house is a service house. When planets visit here we want to share and give back. You may end up taking care of someone or helping your friends and neighbors. And don't forget that the 6th house is also the area of pets. A nice time to foster a dog or finally get that cat you have been talking about.

I love that Aquarius gets to have sweet Venus in your area of pleasure for months ahead, not leaving until August of this year. Aquarius is having a bit of a hard time right now with so many planets in Capricorn. You may feel overwhelmed and super emotional. But then Venus rides to the rescue! Venus is all about enjoying life and having a good time. This planet knows how to par-tee! I know, right now might not be the best time to throw a party. But it is a good time to connect with friends and to work on hobbies. It is amazing to me how Venus helps turn a hobby into a paying career, so if there is something you love to do, look into if it would sell. There is a strong creative spirit flowing here so relax and enjoy it. Sign up for some kind of class online or just putter around with writing a new song or studying piano. This is also one of the loveliest times for children. You may become even closer to your little ones during this shut-in. And love! Did I mention love? Well this is a very loving energy and it is a good time for you and your spouse to remind each other of how much you really love one another. And if you are single and would like not to be, then this is a good time to check out some dating sites and see how you can meet some new people.

Sweet Pisces has lovely Venus sitting pretty in your 4th house of home and family. This is a particularly positive placement. With Venus here peace and harmony usually reign in the household and isn't that a nice thing? Venus can bring people together, so if there have been any disagreements or fights happening then now is the time to hit the reset switch and get things back on track. You get along with family and love your in-laws. But Venus also wants beauty as well as harmony and so this can be a time of redecorating and spending. We want new curtains and updated appliances and all the pretty things that make our home feel welcoming. If you are not careful the spending can get out of control, so be careful. You may want to invite people over to your house or to entertain in some way. I know right now that is not high on anyone's list but Venus will be here until August and you might throw a post-COVID party of some kind.

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