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Now, let's take a look at newcomer Donald Trump's chart. Remember, this is presented as an astrological viewpoint, not a Republican or Democratic viewpoint. Next week I'll be taking a look at Hillary's chart and saying what I think about her chart.

Trump was born to be in charge. He was literally born to be a public figure. With the Sun, Uranus and his N. Node at the top of his chart, in the house of career and public recognition, it's important to him that whatever he does is seen by the public. A shrinking violet, he is not. Uranus is close to his Sun indicating that he is a maverick, uncomfortable with doing things the same old way and eager to shake things up in whatever professional field he is working in. With both the Sun and Uranus in Gemini this is a chart that is extremely impatient. Whatever he wants, he wants -NOW.

His chart shows the Sun and Moon opposite each other. The Moon represents our home and family. But the opposition between them can indicate conflict and trouble in the early childhood environment. Trump's Moon is in his fourth house, again reflecting energies of home and family. This is a sensitive placement, telling me that Trump is much more sensitive and caring than his public persona would suggest. It's possible that only with his family and children does he feel safe in expressing this softer side. He can see showing emotion as showing weakness, something this chart will avoid at all costs.

With the Moon in this strong position I can see Trump having a successful career in real estate. Mercury, Venus and Saturn, are all in the Sun Sign Cancer and Cancer is the sign of home and family. He chose the perfect career for himself when he went into real estate. But his Saturn in Cancer is not a happy planet. When Saturn is in this sign, it often shows up as a wounded childhood. Something Trump desperately needed from his family and father in particular was not forthcoming and this lack has haunted him and to some degree defined him, his entire life.

Both the Sun and Moon are in mutable signs. On the plus side mutable energy is able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, but on the minus side this can be someone who takes the pragmatic approach to problems. Meaning, let's take care of this for the moment and forget looking at long-term consequences. Four of his businesses have declared bankruptcy, two of his three marriages have failed. I think this is the Gemini/Sagittarius conflict that keeps showing up again and again in his life.

Sagittarius is one of the most outspoken signs in the zodiac. They are known for speaking up and speaking out without thought to the consequences. They will speak the truth as they see it, come hell or high water. Trump has struggled to express his long-term vision for America in language that is open and calm. He does much better with the one-on-one attacks between candidates that we are constantly subjected to from both sides. Gemini's love to debate and if anyone thinks Trump will just fold in a debate with Hillary - think again. Combine an energy that likes a good fight with energy of verbal challenge, and this candidate might just be in hog heaven on September 26th when the first presidential debate is scheduled to air.

Both the Sun and Moon are in a strong aspect with Mars. Powerful, aggressive Mars is stuck in Trump's twelfth house of hidden energies. In astrology this house is called the "house of self-undoing". We are our own worst enemy with planets here. Mars is a planet of action. With such a forceful planet struggling to express itself, Trump can act against his own best interests. Furthermore, Mars will add to the impatience of his Sun/Uranus connection, making him even more impatient to act and get something going. If things are too dull or boring he will most certainly end up throwing a fox in the henhouse, so to speak, just to see what happens. All of which we have seen in his presidential campaign. On a personal level, we don't always like to own what is in our twelfth house, so we tend to project it onto someone else. And yes, we see that happening with Trump as well someone else "makes" him angry. Nothing is his fault.

With his Jupiter, planet of expansion in his second house, he has the potential to be financially successful but since Neptune is here as well, he can fall for pie-in-the-sky ideas of wealth and riches and forget to pay attention to the bottom line. Not only can he fall for a Bernie Madoff type scam, he can also be the one to create a financial fantasy type empire. Lots of money on paper and can't pay the light bill. He wants the fantasy of what money should bring. In some ways the chart is very simple - the one with the most toys wins. He wants the biggest house, the fastest car and the prettiest wife. A philosophy that has stood him well in business, but will it work in politics?

Trump's Sun and Uranus aspect Saturn in our nation's chart. He will be an unconventional leader, made to change the system and be a president unlike any we have ever seen. But I do see enormous frustration for him as his desire to act keeps getting slowed down or blocked entirely. He will have great difficulty accomplishing what he envisions over a long period of time. Our political system has a single figurehead (president) but there are deliberate checks and balances built into the system to prevent a dictatorship. Trump is used to his orders being carried out and no one gets to question the head man. The President is questioned by everyone.

Ultimately we have a candidate who is irreverent, brash, imaginative and a force to be reckoned with. For better or worse he has single-handedly taken our most important political race out of the hands of the politicians and shown that you do not have to spend years in politics to be successful in gaining your party's nomination. We not only see great changes in this election, but we will see changes in future elections because Donald Trump decided to run for President.

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