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I hear this question all the time? Clients tell me they are trying to establish better communication with their Spirit Guide only to have crazy things happen instead of the down-to-earth and clear communication they desire. I remember long ago when my teacher would share with me "my Guide said this or my Guide said that" and oh, how I hungered for that same kind of clear language communication. Never happened. I tried and tried and never got that conversation. As a matter of fact I never even got a name. One of the first things I tell people to do when they want to open that doorway is to ask your Guide their name. When we are out and about and meeting new people we introduce ourselves. "Hi, I'm Susan and you are?" Of course your Guide already knows your name but it is still a nice gesture to ask for their name. I asked my Guide for years for a name - nada. It was 10 years before I got a name and at that point I was like duh? Who cares? I could say that because over those 10 years my Guide and I had developed a relationship. Not the relationship I thought I wanted but the one that was right for me.

The thing to remember is that the style of communication is not up to you. Frustrating I know. We are Americans and are used to having what we want, when we want, how we want. After all we have 27 different flavors of soft drinks so why can't we get our Guide to have a sit-down? No, this is where you have to adapt to their style not the other way around. Every Guide has their own particular way of communicating with their charge. For some lucky few (like my teacher) it may be a clear verbal communication in English. But you have to remember that our language is actually pretty limited and rudimentary. Trying to communicate big concepts in our small language does not always work.

Image a two year old insisting that we communicate with it on their language level which is usually limited to mama, no and bye-bye. That is sort of what we are asking from our Guides. There are times I'm in the middle of a reading with a client and there is their Guide communicating information to me. And it is as if there is a download of info. Suddenly I can tell my client all kinds of things I couldn't a few minutes before. They do not spell it out in our somewhat simplistic language, instead they communicate whole ideas and reams of info in a moments time. At least that's often how it works for me.

If we can relinquish control and let our Spirit Guide communicate with us on their terms instead of ours, that door opens wide and life becomes easier because now we have access to higher wisdom and guidance. The trick is to figure out your Guide's style of communication. Sometimes fun. Sometimes no easy task.

Always remember that it is not your Guide's job to make your life easier. That's not why they are there. They are there to help you achieve your soul's purpose. And if you have to go thru a difficult situation in order to get to that purpose then they are not going to interfere. Let's say you came in and part of your life's purpose is to invent a cure for some kind of crippling disease. You may have to get sick to do that. And it is while you are sick that you say to yourself "when I grow up I'm going to make sure no one has to deal with this illness again". You grow up and dedicate your life to finding a cure, and you do. Should your Guide have moved in and made sure you didn't get sick? They can see the big picture where we see what is in front of us. We want life to be easy, they want us to achieve our spiritual dreams and goals.

Our Spirit Guide is there with us from the moment we are born to the moment we leave this earth. Many times people will say "I'm sure my grandma is my Spirit Guide ever since she passed on". No. Your Spirit Guide is not going to be someone you knew in a body. That doesn't mean that a loved one cannot be watching over us from the other side. The love never dies. But that task is different from the focused responsibility of the Guide. Spirit Guides do not get the option of opting out. They can't say "this person refused to grow and keeps doing the same wrong things over and over and refuses t listen to me so I'm out of here". It is an honor and a huge responsibility to be a Guide for an incarnating soul. They are there for every boo-boo, every tear and every pain. They reach out over and over to offer comfort and support only to have us yell and scream that we are being ignored and where are they when we need them? I often take time in prayer to give thanks for my Spirit Guide. Working with me is no easy task, believe me.

Your Guide is not allowed to do it for you. Where is the learning in that? But we can ask to learn in the easiest way possible. Eventually we discover we do not have to be hit in the head with a 2x4 to learn something and then when we are listening and working together with your Guide as a team, life becomes much easier.

I'll be writing more about how Angels are different from Guides and about how to communicate with your Guides in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned for some specific techniques and tips for Spirit Guide communication and working with your Angels.

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