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If you are an Aries then the move of Saturn in Capricorn is going to impact your tenth house of professional matters. With Saturn here you may find yourself becoming more ambitious and looking to the future of your career. You may also decide to start your own business or set a goal to be promoted by a certain date. It is all about leadership and ambition. If you are offered a leadership role in your personal life, I would take it as this will help you carry these energies to their highest level. Aries is a cardinal sign and as such is going to react strongly to this move of Saturn's. There can be old issues around responsibility that once again come up and have to be dealt with. You may also be feeling more tired or a bit discouraged.

The sign of the Bull is one of the lucky signs that are going to have this change work beautifully in your favor. Saturn will fall in your 9th house of education, travel and sales. If you are in any of these professions then congratulations, you might achieve the next rung up in your profession. People at work are going to like you and want to help you. And there is a confidence here that I like. Not arrogance but a feeling that you are right and will stand by your decisions. Legal matters should do well. Nothing moves quickly with Saturn but it looks like it is moving in the right direction. If you go back to school then you will work very, very hard but you will gain the skills and/or degree that you have your eye on.

Sweet Gemini feels as if a two-ton truck just landed in your bank account. This new Saturn energy is going to fall in your eighth house of income, insurance, taxes, death and power. A strong place to be sure. There may be financial issues that you buckle down to address and there may also be some connection to death and dying. Maybe you volunteer at Hospice. It is not light-hearted but it is powerful. You are looking at what income is needed for college or retirement and are willing to make changes to get it. Sometimes I see people's level of passion change but this is just another manifestation of Capricorn. You might be looking at physical satisfaction in a whole new way. Take care of your health and eat right. Saturn here can sometimes bring in a health matter.

Poor Cancer is getting kind of beat-up here. Saturn will be opposite your Sun and when Saturn and the Sun touch, Saturn tends to limit the positive force and vitality of the Sun. You might be feeling more physically tired than usual and/or more discouraged than usual. It's important that you get enough rest and be good to yourself. Make sure you are surrounded by positive people. Sometimes there can be an uphill battle of some kind of usually Cancer will come out ahead. Many Cancers are looking at all kinds of relationships and deciding if they work or not. This can be a husband or spouse but also a friend. You are ready to let go of what is not working and start something new. The something new is a lot of work but the rewards can be great later on.

Outgoing Leo may not be feeling so perky with Saturn's move into your 6th house of work and health. You are being asked to take care of your body and your mind together. If there have been any health problems you thought we taken care of, well they come back now. It is time to pay big attention to what changes you need to make. It's hard I know because work is demanding as well. A lot is being asked of you and Leo doesn't want to let anyone down. Sometimes this is not your own health issue but someone else's and you end up being a caregiver. You are still surrounded by health stuff, just that it's not yours. This can be a time of great achievement but only if you are willing to put in great amounts of work.

Virgo is an earth sign and as such is in a lovely aspect with this Saturn in Capricorn, which is also an earth sign. Can you say "happy camper"? That's right, Virgo has a great opportunity to make great strides in your life without a lot of pain. Nice huh? Many Virgo's will be getting married or engaged. No matter how big a player you are, you want something serious and real right now and a relationship that is just fun and games is going to bore you silly. If you have a special hobby or talent then take, note, 2018 is the year to change your hobby into a business. Saturn will help you get there. Lots of things coming up around children. Maybe they are leaving the nest or growing up and away in some manner.

Sweet Libra has this new Saturn position falling in your 4th house of home and family. Since Saturn is all about responsibility this usually indicates a new or heavy responsibility in terms of family. Now this can be having a baby which is a huge responsibility but usually very joyous. But it can also be taking care of elderly parents which might be a bit more stressful. Sometimes a child can come back home to live. Or you decide to get your realtors license. There are multiple possibilities but watch out because this house deals with our emotions and Saturn is not always a barrel of laughs. We can become depressed if not careful. So be careful. Take a look at your past but keep things in perspective, you'll be happier that way.

Scorpio will find the new position of Saturn has taken up residence in your 3rd house of communications. We start to think serious thoughts when Saturn visits here. It is a good time to go back to school or take up the study of something that really demands all your attention. Saturn will help you focus and concentrate. But it is really a glass half-empty kind of planet so you must keep looking on the bright side of life. Sibling energy is found here as well so there could be some new situation involving a sibling that has you taking on more of a role than you would like. The 3rd house wants to communicate so reserved Scorpio starts tweeting and gets an email address. You may decide to finally write that book or become published in some way.

The sign of The Archer has this new Saturn energy fall in your second house of earned income. Saturn tends to restrict and it could be your find your income being restricted in some way. Saturn is pretty black and white. It is actually a positive time to create a new budget or develop some kind of savings program. This house is all about our sense of self. With Saturn here we tend to be hard on ourselves. Sag can be a little free-spending but Saturn tends to be very cautious so any wild spending will be curtailed as you decide on a long-range investment plan. There is great staying power in this position, so whatever you take up you will stick with and make it a success. And best of all you will believe in yourself doing it.

Saturn has finally made it home! Saturn rules Capricorn and finally gets to enter its own domain. There are not too many places Saturn is comfortable, but snug in its home base is one of them. Saturn will be right next to your Sun and yes, this can sometimes dim your physical energy just a bit. But it also helps you put together a new plan for creating a successful professional life and that is at the heart of making and keeping a Capricorn happy. You are ready for more and now you create a plan to make it happen. Think back for the last 7 years because Saturn operates on a 7 year cycle. Something going on now can be tied to what was happening 7 years ago. You are reaping the rewards or challenges of that cycle.

Aquarius has this Saturn fall in your 12th house of hidden matters. Now to be honest, this is not always the most comfortable house of the zodiac. When we have planets here we tend to delve deep within ourselves. This is an area of the subconscious after all. The 12th house also has a strong health and healing component to it so many of you will undertake some kind of healing work. Maybe you go to nursing school or study Reiki. Many will help to care for people they know who are facing health challenges. We are very compassionate when planets are here, but with Saturn we want to be compassionate in a practical way. So Aquarius starts programs that help the homeless or work to give back to the community. Avoid hiding yourself away. That doesn't help anything.

Sweet Pisces has this new Saturn fall in your 11th house of friends. Since Saturn restricts in some way it could be that a long-time friend leaves you. This can be because they move away or get married. But it can be a falling out as well. We may work with a friend in some kind of business deal and friendships take a more concrete turn. Saturn is a sign of leadership so chances are that you will be asked to take on some kind of leadership role within a group. It's a good idea to say yes, if at all possible. You will have to work to build new dreams and find new goals for your life. The 11th house is very future oriented so you will be looking at your future with a clear eye. But make sure it is a positive view as well. Saturn can be a real glass half-empty kind of guy.

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