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For the last 2 ½ years Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius. And now just as everyone has finally adjusted to Saturn it goes and changes signs on us! On December 19th 2017 it will shove off from Sagittarius and enter the sign of Capricorn. Now Saturn will be very happy here in its new home as Capricorn is the sign that Saturn rules. It has gone home, so to speak. But as Saturn makes this change it means that it moves to a new place in our chart and that our lives will change in some way to reflect this change in the sky. Capricorn is the sign that rules business. Saturn is a planet of hard work and great ambition. Put these two together and you get people who become more focused on business, whatever that business happens to be. For those of you who are retired or homemakers, your business is your home. This is a very structured sign and likes a plan and to follow the rules so it has a harder time being flexible. We can all get kind of stuck with Saturn in Capricorn. We are more able to set goals and work toward them but we have a harder time changing direction if needed. This combination is also going to show up in the chart of the USA. After all we are a Cancer country and this Saturn is going to oppose our Sun. When Saturn opposes your Sun you are asked to take a karmic look at you past. Saturn rewards positive actions but holds us accountable for anything done wrong. There are many things that we can be very proud of in America but no country is perfect and ours has had its share of mistakes. Expect to see some of that come up in 2018. Right now (December 2017) we are still in the midst of Jupiter in Scorpio an dealing with one sex scandal after another. But next year that will be tempered with what Saturn in Capricorn brings up. What kind of mistakes has big business made in the past? Big business is going to be flexing its muscles and we will all see what the results look like. It is no coincidence that Congress is looking at overhauling our tax code and putting in some pluses for business. But any business, large or small that has not done things right is going to have karma come knocking on their door. So shady deals come out and things that were hidden are now seen by everyone. Look for a major issue with our president to be showcased in 2018. The president is the father figure of a country so right or wrong is who often has to deal with Saturn's fallout. Saturn asks us to act like an adult so any childish behavior has major consequences. Saturn rules the government so look for changes in government in the next 2-3 years. This is not only for the USA but for other countries as well. Saturn also rules the monarchy and we will see some major shifts coming up in the next couple of years. If there is one keyword for Saturn it would probably be responsibility. Saturn wants us to step up and do the right thing. Some responsibilities are fun, even joyful. We give birth or get promoted. In other words something we have been working on for some time shows up in tangible results. We took responsibility and we see the positive impact. But there are times we are held responsible that don't feel so good. We lie on our resume and get caught and get fired or we lie to our parents and get found out and punished. Responsibility cuts both ways. This planet also tends to limit and restrict. Sometimes we take on a responsibility that is our choice but isn't much fun. We step up to help take care of aging parents. Or our spouse gets sick and we run the business while he/she recovers. The bottom line is that we are asked to do the right thing not because there is some special reward in it for us, but simply because it is the right thing to do. With Saturn we have to act honestly and honorably to reap the best benefits of this transit. Any shady behavior and we are in big tro

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