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We've talked about how the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 set off a new cycle for everyone. This is powerful stuff. But how will it affect me you ask? Glad you asked. Each sign will experience this transformative aspect in their own unique way. As usual, some signs will struggle and others will be more positive. Below I've put together a short explanation of how each one of the 12 signs will experience this unique happening. Yes, it occurred in January of this year but the effects will be here thru all of 2020. In September and October Saturn and Pluto will once again be close to each other and we may see some of what happened in January come up for round two. Let's take a look -

This powerful conjunction will fall in your 10th house of career. This can be big changes happening for The Ram in terms of work. You might quit a job and go into business for yourself. There can be a new boss that forces you to change the way you do things. Sometimes this can even mean the death of an authority figure in your life. This combination is about transforming your professional life. But you may also be ready to step up and take on a new leadership role. There are new responsibilities that await you. Some you may like but others - not so much. How do you handle authority? This is a question that will keep coming up all thru 2020. Aries wants to lead not follow and how you do this will be a huge focus for the year. There can be challenges to your leadership and you must confront them with honesty and integrity or you will end up losing. Avoid power struggles if at all possible as you can get caught up in a situation that is not winnable. But if you handle these energies right you can move up to a high position of power and be a great leader.

The Bull is one of the lucky ones that will have this intense duo fall in your 9th house. This area of the chart will harmonize beautifully with your Sun. You can find a new level of confidence in yourself. As this is the house of education and travel both of these areas can be transformative for you. Intense experiences will occur around spirituality and religion. You may question long-held beliefs and be open to exploring something new. There may be a graduation from some kind of training or educational course. But you may also decide to enroll in something that can make your life bigger and better. Taurus will probably be drawn to travel but may have some intense experiences wherever you go. But Saturn and Pluto together will help you find your way and open up new parts of your life. It can be an exciting adventure.
For the next 14 years this dramatic powerhouse visits the sign of Capricorn. The sign of the Goat is all about structure. Capricorn actually likes the rules. Heck, Capricorn probably created the rules. They love authority. Leadership is natural for them. Put all twelve signs in a room together and Capricorn will probably be the first one barking out orders and organizing a plan. It’s no surprise that this is the sign that rules Government and Big Business. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn and they can be accused of being cold and insensitive. And yes, Saturn can exhibit both of these qualities. But remember, sometimes we need the person who will make the hard decision. Needless to say, with Capricorn wanting to hold onto structure and Pluto determined to transform from the ground up, we have here, as the saying goes, ‘A Failure to Communicate’.

As the 8th house will be the area of the chart affected by this dynamic duo you will be focused on money and financial matters. This can be because your work life changed in the blink of an eye and you now have to adjust to that. But it can also be a new job, new income and new way of living. This is the area of life and death and Gemini may be dealing with death and dying in some way. Maybe you volunteer at Hospice. There can be big power struggles and challenges in terms of how you use your resources. But there can be profound and life-changing experiences that move you to a higher state of being. Power struggles over money come up and you will fight to the death for what you feel is right. All kinds of old emotions come to the surface and it is a good idea to have a number for a good therapist for you to talk to. But it also shows you can study secret teachings and find your own intuitive talents.

The sweet Crab will have a big year in 2020 with this Saturn/Pluto combo falling in your 7th house. This is the house of love, marriage and partnership. All year long you are being asked to evaluate your partnerships. Of course, this can be your primary romantic partnership. You are asking yourself if they are the one. For many couples it can be a make or break year. The question keeps coming up "what do I have to give"? And the question "what do I need in return" is floating in the air. If you decide to marry this year it will tend to be a long lasting union as neither Saturn nor Pluto cut and run at the first sign of trouble. It can bode well for taking a serious step. It can also be a year of new professional partnerships. People reach out to you and want to partner with you. It is up to you to decide who you say yes to and who gets a no. It seems as if you are finally ready to take a leap into a new level of responsibility. You might start your own business or become the head of something.

For The Lion you will experience this combo in your 6th house. This is the area of the chart that deals with health and wellness. This part of the wheel also deals with work matters. You more than most might be on the front lines of dealing with COVID-19. Since this is a house of service you might be taking care of someone older than you and making sure they are staying safe during this period. But it is also about your own health. Now is the time to make any changes you have been thinking about. With so much power here you have the discipline to finally stop smoking or start an exercise program. This much power can also move you ahead by leaps and bounds in the career department. It may not be easy but it is possible and you are ready to do the work. Take extra care of your teeth, skin and bones which are all ruled by Saturn. They may present some challenges. But you are up for it. Don't be afraid to make a major move.

Virgo is an earth sign and as such this Saturn/Pluto hookup will help and support you more than most other signs. These planets will light up your 5th house. This is the area that covers children and all forms of creativity. There can be big discussions about having children this year as well as maybe taking in the grandchildren for the summer or something like that. Any children you have may need you more now but Virgo will be there to help. You get a nice boost in terms of work and there can be a promotion coming your way. You may even decide to start your own business. Since this area is all about hobbies it is a good year to turn a hobby into a paying business. Don't be afraid to go big as there are new opportunities coming your way. Virgo is sometimes afraid of the ego but now is the time to embrace it in a positive way. You are ready to rise to a higher level and Saturn/Pluto will help get you there. Your hard work may be recognized this year and all you need to do is take your bow.

The 4th house is where Saturn/Pluto will fall for sweet Libra. This can be uncomfortable in some ways but positive in others. With so much strong energy there can be some kind of power struggle in the family. No one wants to compromise or see the others point of view. There might even be an older relative that passes away this year. How is the family transformed? Buying and selling real estate comes up and you can make a major change and relocate to a new state. And that is not even getting into all the old buried emotions that will be triggered with this transit. A good idea is to find a therapist you trust and start to talk about all the stuff you usually just push down. The lid comes off and you need to be able to release and let go of it all. Energies around masculine/feminine come up and you may question what is right. This house also rules food and eating so there can be some dietary changes that happen as well. It is actually a good year to lose weight if you so desire.

The 3rd house is highlighted this year thanks to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It seems to work well with your Sun. This means that although Saturn is usually reserved and Pluto even more so, you may find a way this year to express yourself with power and intensity. This can mean publically speaking out about a subject you feel passionate about. But it can also be a new interest in something that you decide to study by throwing yourself whole-heartedly into it. The mind becomes super strong and you crush others arguments in any kind of debate. You have to make sure that you are allowing others to speak up and be heard as well. But thanks to the intense power of these two your words and ideas have a special punch behind them and carry great weight. There can be something powerful going on with a sibling. Do not let them push your buttons or you will not be happy with the result.

The Archer is making some big-time changes this year thanks to the Saturn/Pluto combo hitting your 2nd house of earned income. This is power and transformation teaming up and you can expect some shake-ups. You might decide to retire this year and you are spending more time than usual with your investment person. Or it could be that thanks to COVID-19 you are now out of a job or your business went belly-up and you are looking for a new source of income. Or it could even be that you win the lottery and now have more money than you have ever had in your life. See - major changes. These two planets here can make you a bit more possessive than usual. There can be power struggles over an estate or some article of value. And I don't just mean financial value. If there is a sentimental value attached to an object it can mean just as much as a million dollar object. You are on a course to change your earning and your spending. Think big. As you make changes you open up new revenue streams and you can see some nice increases in the bottom line.

The Goat is experiencing some major upheavals in 2020. Now that doesn't mean bad stuff but it does mean sometimes life-changing stuff. As your ruling planet Saturn and intense Pluto both come along to cushion your Sun and make a Capricorn sandwich you are feeling as if an anvil just fell on your head. Extra responsibilities that you didn't see coming have landed at your feet and you have to figure out a way to make it all work. It is time to let go of the past and an old way of thinking. You are creating a new life and you must embrace it to find the way out of this maze of long buried feelings and vague worries. You can do it because the life waiting for you on the other side of this transformation is wonderful. It is important that with these two powerful planets buffeting you about, that you get enough rest. Do not push yourself past a healthy point. Your body keeps giving you the signals but you must listen and follow their advice or you are no good to anyone including yourself. Resting is not being lazy.

Aquarius may be the sign dealing with this Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the most emotional way possible. That's because Aquarius has Capricorn on the 12th house and that is where both these planets are showing up. It is time to pare down and take a look at what in your life needs to go and what you would like to stay. This area is all about one's spiritual life so you may be on a journey to find new meaning in how your relate to self and to the Divine. There can be a lot of brooding about what went wrong in life or bad choices you have made in the past. It is important to not judge self but to allow those emotions to come up and out so you can release them. Talking to a counselor or therapist is a good idea. Whatever you have not faced in the past you start to face now. It is not always pleasant but it can be tremendously healing. As you come to understand yourself better you are able to move forward making choices that serve you well and lead to a happier life.

Sweet Pisces will have this power duo light up your 11th house. This is a social house that deals with friends and group activity. Pisces likes people but also likes their alone time. You will have to make sure you are balancing both to get the most out of this. With Saturn here you can feel a bit lonely. Maybe a friend has moved away or left you in some form or fashion. We don't always have the friends around us that we want. Your circle of close friends may shrink a bit but the ones left will mean even more to you. Groups of all sorts call to you and you may join or even start some kind of group that feeds you on some level. Be very discerning in the people you hang out with or call friend. Goals change with Saturn/Pluto here. Take a look at the future and think about how you want it to look. You may be offered a position of power in some group and if offered I would suggest taking it. It will turn out great.

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