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The astrological community has been on pins and needles waiting for the official Saturn/Pluto conjunction to hit. In the planetary community this is a big happening. A conjunction happens when two planets come so close together that they not only share the same sign, but the exact degree of that sign. On Monday January 12th that happens for these two planets. Okay, why is this so important? Well you have to understand a little bit about these two planets to understand why them being together is such a big deal. Saturn is constrictive. Pluto is destructive. We get to watch what happens when and immoveable object (Saturn) meets an irresistible force (Pluto). Most of the time it is not pretty. The two together are so powerful it is way of moving things into a new reality that says things will never be the same again. An old order dies and a new one takes its place. This is not to say that only bad things happen. But there is a vast difference between how we handle this energy on a personal level and what we can expect on a national and international level. Interestingly the last time these two planets were together about 33-35 years ago, there was the Iran/Iraq war. Not here we are again and guess what - these same two planets are in the news once again. Saturn demands that we face reality. Pluto demands that we change and transform. When these two align we have to face things that we would rather not look at. Both of these planets are in Capricorn. This sign is all about big business and yes -government. We are going to be taking a long, hard look at our government. And I don't just mean the president. We will be looking at Congress, governors and mayors. If they are in any kind of political power they are going to come under scrutiny. This is actually a good thing. Remember Pluto's ability to transform. We are going to see some major changes on the political front. But in this instance change can be good. As above, so below. Where in your life do you need change? And where are you resisting it? Sometimes we know we should take a certain action but we don't want it. We resist. Now Pluto/Saturn comes along and we don't have a choice. These two planets together force us to face reality and take action. That is why this combo is so powerful. It transforms whatever it touches. On a personal level this can show up the most easily in terms of work. Are you happy with your career? If not, then get ready because life is about to give you an opportunity to change it. Whether you want to or not. We have to be open to change with this transit. If we try and resist, the power of Pluto gets released underground and we are swept away with forces that are sometimes out of our control. There can be sweeping social change and we will see different countries react to this conjunction in a variety of ways.

China is at a pivotal point as this conjunction is exact at 22° and we can expect a more totalitarian government showing up. More power in the hands of fewer people. That's the thing. Pluto is all about power. So we will also be looking at power in our own lives. Do we have it? If not, why not? And how do we go about getting it? This can be power at work or the delicate balance of power between children and parents. Even the power dynamic between couples will come under pressure. Pluto is not the most open and care-free planet. This is the planet that rules the underworld after all. We have to make sure that we are operating in an open and honest way or we will get called on our actions. Saturn is the most karmic of planets. This goes for governments as well. Expect to see more Congressional hearings and more power struggles going on at every level of government. And I'm not just talking about our own government. England is a Capricorn country. Expect to see power shake-ups happening there. The USA is a Cancer country. All this Capricorn energy is going to oppose planets in our chart. We not only have Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn right now, but Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun as well. January is intense. We will get a strong dose of this energy. Saturn/Pluto doesn't want to compromise. They want to force the other side into submission. That is why this duo has a reputation for war and violence. Not the healthiest plan. We have to guard against an attitude of might makes right.

Wherever this conjunction shows up in your chart, expect huge change. Some of this change is going to begin now, but think of January as the kick-off month. This transit will last many months of 2020, giving us all the time we need to regain our inner power and let go of what no longer serves us. It's time to bring in a new and higher energy vibration but that can come at a cost. I don't usually try and push readings on people, but this is a good time to take a look at your chart and see what is being activated. You want to understand and own this energy instead of it owning you. Used wisely this can be the most liberating period of your life, creating a time of empowerment and achievement.

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