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Finally, finally, finally Saturn is leaving Capricorn on March 23rd and moving just the tiniest little bit into Aquarius. Not a lot. Just enough to give us a taste of what will be coming up next year. But a taste is enough. From March through the end of June Saturn will be in the sign of Universal Brotherhood. This sign is all about the group. About community, about our nation, about the world. The Water Bearer isn't focused on self but on how we join together. Saturn is all about restriction, limitation, government and leadership. Aquarius is all about freedom, independence and rebellion. Needless to say these two energies do not readily go together. Yet, now they are not only tied together but will be together thru 2021 and 2022. So what can we expect? Well when I talked about this combo in January I said that we might expect to see more marches on Washington and the voice of the people being heard. The US is particularly sensitive to Aquarius energy as the Moon of our nation's chart is in Aquarius. We are a nation born in revolution. Our nation is all about equality. Everyone should be treated the same regardless of station in life. In reality this is not always the case but the ideals of this are inbred into us. I did not predict the pandemic so I was looking at ways of this energy playing out that are out of the question now. No one is going near a crowd. So what other ways might we experience this new astrological combination?

Well for one thing Saturn restricts and Aquarius is freedom. We are already seeing limits and restrictions placed on our freedoms. We are encouraged to stay home. Do not go out. Do not engage with other people. All very Saturn in Aquarius. Wherever sign Saturn is in, we get to experience the high side and the shadow side as well. The high side of Saturn is taking charge and being a leader. Saturn is all about career. In the last three years I have seen more and more people start their own business and turn their passion in a business. But if that is the high side what might be the shadow side? Well Saturn is conservative. This planet likes things done the traditional way. In the last three years we have seen the underbelly of conservatism. We may see the government flex its mighty muscles even more. We may be on lockdown at some point or have the national guard called out. But what I notice is that sense of us all being in this together. Not just our nation but the world. The US has a tendency to be somewhat isolationist but now we are truly seeing that we are a global economy and cannot just pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist. We realize that we are dependent on each other to survive.

Saturn will always give us tests around the issue of responsibility. Who is taking care of us? Ourselves? The government? Our families? To what degree are we willing to take responsibility? Unless we are the president or a government figure the answer to that question is within ourselves and no one else needs to know. But we know. Deep inside of us we know where we made poor decisions and maybe took the easy way out. Aquarius loves to makes changes and shake things up. Look for some major changes in government and big business. For most of the rest of 2020 I think people will be more focused on survival but in 2021 when Saturn moves back into Aquarius and stays there, I think we are going to see the population of many countries rise up and demand change, BIG change. Of course we will see this play out in the news but remember this is also going to show up in our personal lives. Where are you most afraid of change? That is probably the area that will ask something of you. But it can also be the area of greatest growth. Change is scary. If we embrace a new way of living we will feel more empowered and in control.

Aquarius rules technology and this means it has influence over computers, cell phones as well as radio and television. We are going to see some major shake-ups in terms of how we use technology. Right now we are using technology more because of social distancing but once this is over we will see how technology has changed all of us. Tech companies will do very well in the coming years as some of what we begin now will continue into the future. New gadgets and ways of staying connected will show up. I did speak this past December about airline stocks. I did not see them doing well and I still don't. The airline industry will struggle for at least the next two years. But that doesn't mean people will not fly. We are more aware of the world than ever before and we want to see that world.

This is a combination that is all about social justice. Anything that we see an unfair is going to be addressed. Maybe even attacked by the masses. Where will we be demanding social change? Many people will not be able to afford medical care during the pandemic. I think next year we are going to see universal health care front and center in American politics. Saturn was in Aquarius when Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream" speech. Now I think we are going to see women in the news and what kind of justice they are demanding on a multitude of issues. We are going to see more women in the news and women making some major gains or moving into prominent positions of power. I think Joe Biden will pick a woman as his running mate and we will see more women running for office and making their voice hear in American politics as well as every other area of life.

In December of 2020 we will see Jupiter and Saturn meet up for the first time in 20 years! These two planets have nothing in common as Saturn is cautious, slow to act and likes things to stay the same. Jupiter is optimistic and expansive and loves to take a chance. How will this affect us? They are both going to be in progressive Aquarius. We are looking a whole new way of living. The best would be for all the innovative ideas of Jupiter in Aquarius to be helped by the grounding of Saturn so we can put new structures in place to help us meet a new future!

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