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Pluto’s orbit is eccentric and the number of years it stays in one sign varies widely. It may whip through a sign in as little as a decade or settle in for as long as three. Right now, Pluto has entered into Capricorn for a fourteen-year stint. With a planet this strong, staying in one sign for so long, it influences a generation. Those born with Pluto in Cancer are now in there seventies to nineties. Likewise, the Baby Boomers born with Pluto in Leo are now reaching their fifties and sixties. Those born with Pluto in Capricorn are not yet a year old. Each generation will experience this Pluto shift into Capricorn differently.

PLUTO IN CANCER (1914-1939) Cancer is the sign dealing with home and family. Those born into Pluto in Cancer saw great economic changes and strong patriotic feelings for the homeland. With Pluto in the most feminine sign of the Crab, women’s role in the family started to change. This generation will be particularly challenged, as Pluto in Capricorn will face off against their Pluto in Cancer. How have they used power and authority? Many will now be looking to family for help and issues of personal power will abound. If one is sick or facing disease, there is a feeling of being powerless. But for those open to change this can be the most powerful time in their lives.

PLUTO IN LEO (1939-1958) This is the time of the Baby Boomers. Forget about family responsibilities, it’s all about me. Hard work is passé and doing what feels good is the order of the day. Because of the shear number of Baby Boomers they have had to be paid attention to. Monarchies collapsed and royal families toppled as the transformation aspects of Pluto played out. Now, with Pluto in Capricorn, this generation will have to face limitation, and adjustments they have always been able to skirt around. It’s not going to be comfortable, but the Pluto in Leo generation can reach a new understanding of what it means to take charge of their life. More and more Baby Boomers will start their own companies and move into a new level of creative expression.

PLUTO IN VIRGO (1958-1972) Computers come into being and revolutionize the world. What we know and how fast we know it forever change. Virgo is concerned with health and healing. Now we find out about toxic food additives and eating organic. The sign of the Virgin wants to serve, and organizations like the Peace Corps come into being. Virgo seeks perfection and we became a more demanding society. As the Pluto in Virgo generation deals with Pluto’s transit through Capricorn they can use the combination to help heal the earth. Look for new legislation that will help us all go green and new penalties for those who continue to pollute the earth. New discoveries in medicine will come about as a generation stands up and for what it believes in.

PLUTO IN LIBRA (1972-1984) This is a generation born to discover what love means to them. New concepts of love come into being, as men love men and women love women and everyone is open about it. What constitutes a marriage? Should same sex partners adopt? Harmony and equality are nice ideas but how do we live out those concepts in our day-to-day lives? Our legal system gets challenged to answer questions it never anticipated and the legal profession has it’s own population explosion. Libra wants what is pretty and fun. A new focus on celebrity comes about that has us wondering what everyone is wearing instead of what they are doing. Those born into this period are going to face some tough choices in the coming years. It feels as if the party is over and someone just handed you the bill. The cry will be “but it’s not fair,” and learning to change an unfair world into one more equal will be their new mission.

PLUTO IN SCORPIO (1984-1995) The intense qualities of Scorpio ensure this generation will have its hands full. Handling AIDS and STD’s are a way of life, and getting someone’s sexual history before sex, is just considered normal. Junk bonds floated, banks failed, and we all discovered trickle down economics. Medicine used as weapons in biological warfare intensified, and we discovered there are lots of secrets lurking just out of reach. Everything kicked up a notch, and the world seemed to turn ever faster. Pluto in Capricorn can help this generation discover its purpose. Those born into this period are just beginning to discover their drive toward success. They will be tested on their means as well as their ends, but as long as they are harnessing their drive for the greater good they will find their personal power along the way.

PLUTO IN SAGITTARIUS (1995-2008) We have all seen the results of Pluto’s intensity married to the moral certainty of Sagittarius. We have religious fanatics from all sides saying not only that they are right, but everyone else is wrong. And because they are wrong, it’s okay to blow up those who believe differently. Sagittarius rules religions and we have long-buried secrets of the Catholic Church coming to light. We have new spiritual leaders and new religions popping up every day. Anything and everything is considered to be someone’s religion. It is learning about our differences, and how they bring us together, instead of tear us apart. As this generation experiences Pluto in Capricorn they will learn about what it is they truly value.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN (2008-2023) So here we are at the Pluto in Capricorn generation. How will Pluto play out in their lives? This is a new generation that will be raised in households that are experiencing massive destruction and rebuilding of monetary values. It is almost certain that to some extent they will encode the financial fear of their parents. The adults around them are learning that everything they have can be gone in a minute. They are paying a price for building their finances on uncertain ground. The message they hear will be “have a few dollars put away”. In some ways it is reminiscent of the Depression era children. We are bringing in a new generation of savers. Babies will grow up wanting to know the rules and what they need to do to be successful. They will look for tangible rewards and solid achievement as payoff for hard work. Better start putting some money aside for allowances because these kids will earn it!

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