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As if all we have been through in 2020 so far is not enough, the Universe is bringing us another new and different astrological happening. The planet Mars usually spends about six weeks in a sign. But not in 2020. Oh no, we cannot have that. In 2020 Mars has to be doing something different and unusual. For the first times in years Mars is going to spend not six weeks in a sign, but six months! Now Mars rules Aries and is very happy in this sign. But Mars is also the planet of war. Mars is all about force and violence and rules the military. When Mars is angry it doesn't want to sit down and talk things out. It wants to punch you in the nose. Quick, decisive action is the hallmark of Mars in Aries but that doesn't always mean it was the right action.

Mars here is very impulsive and impatient. A combination that can lead to trouble if you do not understand what is going on. Heck it can lead to trouble even when you do know what is going on. Mars pushes us to act and act now. When we follow thru on those impulses without proper thought, well we can get into trouble. The next six months are going to give us a chance to see how we handle our anger. Do we yell and shout? Maybe we hold it in or act in passive-aggressive ways. How do you express your anger is the unspoken question presented to us between now and the end of the year. Many will find themselves getting angry over the smallest things, surprising themselves about how quickly they go from calm good-will to wild yelling. It is a time in which we get to see this aspect of ourselves played out in the world and we will have to take a long hard look at our behavior. If we do not express our anger, it doesn't go away, generally it just goes into our body. This can result in illness and accidents. And if you find yourself with boo-boo after boo-boo you might want to take a look at what you are not expressing. Likewise, we can find ourselves angry every day over something. Finding the balance within will be crucial to weathering this transit. Otherwise we will either be annoyed for the next six months or at the Urgent Care facility.

When we look at our nation and the world there is more chance of war as people do not want to listen and compromise. Aries is all about win/lose and nothing in-between. Chances are we will see more force and more violence showing up on the news and around the world. Remember this transit is not just for the United States but will affect everyone all over the world. So not only will we get a chance to understand our own anger and how we express it, but we will probably at some point be on the receiving end of someone else's anger being expressed.

But if there is one thing I love about Mars in Aries it is their courage. No one has the courage of this combination. Some people may even become adrenaline junkies as they go for that high that comes from a pounding heart and sweaty palms. There can be extreme sports or just trying new things that may have frightened you before. We now have access to a deep well of courage and can use it for whatever we need in the rest of the year. Some may speak in front of a group for the first time or be the lone vote of dissent in a group. There are all kinds of courage and we will find many of them as the year unfolds.

We cannot talk about Mars in Aries without talking about how physical this sign is. This is our physical body and we want it to feel good. So we can join a gym or take up a sport, but we can also get much more physical in the - ahem, romantic sense. Don't be surprised if your libido seems to run wild. Sex is a strong motivation for Aries and you will be looking at your sex life and asking some questions there as well. Remember we are talking about the physical sensations that the body feels, not romantic love or relationships. In astrology Mars rules sex and Venus rules love and romance. They do not always go together. We are more driven for physical sensation and orgasmic release instead of hearts and flowers. But if the two happen to occur together - ooh la la!!

We might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride until the New Year but oh what an exciting ride it will be!

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