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This year in August of 2022 we have the fiery planet Mars making an extended visit in Gemini. Usually Mars spends about six weeks in a sign and then moves on. But every once in a while, Mars decides to surprise us all and hunker down for an protracted stay. Mars will stay in this witty sign from August to March of 2023. Now that is what I call a lengthy visit! So wherever Gemini shows up in your chart, you are going to have that area of life activated by Mars. We all have Gemini somewhere in our chart. Each one of us is born with a chart that has all twelve signs. I will be doing another post about how this combo will play out for each individual sign but for now let's talk about how we might see this new energy show up.

Gemini is all about how we communicate. Our words and ideas and style of sharing. Mars is forceful and dynamic. As these two come together we are going to see fiery speech all over the place. People who were shy and quiet just a few months ago, now speak up and are not afraid of anything or anyone as they tell you what they think about anything and everything. We may be more forceful but we will also see people around us being more forceful. More arguments with the store in trying to return an item. More letters to the editor or the paper and more debates with a professor about how a project should be done. Now most of the time this does not have to be angry. Forceful and angry are not the same thing. But chances are since this is going to be with us for month after month, we will see some kind of verbal expression of anger or impatience. I'm glad it is just verbal and not physical. So if you struggle to speak up in class or share your wonderful idea, then this Mars is for you!

We can also use this Mars to get us going with all kinds of new ways to learn and study. A great time to go back to school and get that BA or MBA. Our minds are not only strong they are ready to seek new knowledge and learn all kinds of things we were intimidated about before. But be careful about what you are saying and how you are saying it. People can misunderstand and be sure you said something you didn't. Wild talk gets out of control and rumors about all kinds of stuff float around. We will see crazy and very, very forceful political talk. And I do not just mean from the politicians. We will see this from pundits on television as well as from political parties. Everyone is talking but no one is listening. Mars in Gemini can twist words around and take things out of context. Social media may be in the news as we learn more about what is hidden from view.

If you have ever thought about writing a book, then boy are you going to love this Mars visit. We put our ideas on paper and are amazed at how much fun it is. Writing papers or putting together class material is suddenly easy and goes quickly instead of being a chore. We decide to learn to speak Japanese or decide to take a road trip (Gemini loves road trips). The fun part of Mars in Gemini is that we get interested in everything. The part to watch out for is that we can struggle to focus on just one thing as we try to move in ten different directions at once. So many ideas, so little time.

With Mars in Gemini being consumed with information, we can see information that was previously hidden from us, come to light. This of course may in the political arena but it can also be in terms of our company or business, religion, education, in almost all areas of life we will see new information being unveiled. It should be an interesting seven months.

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