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We are in for a roller-coaster ride for the next two months as Mars stages a prolonged visit to Sagittarius. Now I love the energy of the Archer. It is ruled by Jupiter and a sign that excels at looking at the positive side of things. For many people it will be like coming out of the darkness and into the light. Especially for Sagittarius. They have had Mars buried in their 12th house for months and I don't think it has been too much fun. But all that changes as Mars shifts into a new sign on August 2nd and stays there until September 27th.

Sagittarius is all about what we believe. For some this can be a strong religious conviction. For others it can be their political truth. I wish this transit were occurring after our presidential elections, but it's not, so we will just have to deal with it. When we are in the mist of Sag energy we have the courage of our convictions. And mostly we are convinced that we are RIGHT. And of course that means that everyone else is WRONG. We can in some cases be fanatical about beliefs. This can be your belief that the Atlanta Braves are the best baseball team in the world or it can be the absolute truth you believe in your bones that your candidate is the only one that is right for this country. Think of the extreme degree of fanaticism of Isis that says death and destruction are the way to express your devotion. It is important to keep reminding ourselves to listen to the other side because this planet is not going to bring that forward without a little help. If we are able to keep an open mind and really listen then this is a period where we can learn much and expand our mind.

The energy of Sagittarius loves to learn and if you have been thinking of going back to school or getting a degree then don't waste time, but fill out those applications and get moving. If you have finished with formal schooling you still get the benefit of the love of learning that this placement brings. It's the perfect time to take a class or better yet, teach a class, either formally or informally. It is all about sharing information and knowledge. Here is where we have an opportunity to move from knowledge into wisdom as we apply what we know in our everyday lives. You will be reading books and taking classes online and going to talks and lectures and maybe even a weekend retreat. Under this combination - we want to explore our deepest truth.

And speaking of truth, be careful because it's coming your way. I love Sagittarius but if you know a Sag then you know that sometimes honesty is just plain overrated. Here is where we end up telling off our boss, or saying "yes those pants do make you look fat" to our best friend. We don't mean to hurt anyone's feeling, it just sort of slips out. Look for a lot of foot-in-mouth situations happening in the next several weeks. There is honest and then there is blunt and past blunt there is brutal. We can all be honest without causing pain or harm to someone else. But any kind of subterfuge or dishonesty will drive you crazy right now. You just can't handle it.

I've noticed in my own life that when Sagittarius is involved I seem to travel more and have a better time wherever I'm going. Remember this sign rules all things international so our horizons tend to expand. There is a kind of wanderlust that has our feet tapping and our bags packed. We have until the end of September to cross off a visit to some foreign location and immerse ourselves in another culture. You want an adventure. That can be close to home as you challenge yourself to do something exciting and fun but also maybe a bit dangerous? It doesn't have to be physical (although so often it is), but instead it can be speaking in front of a group or submitting your novel to a publisher. But be careful about financial risks. There is a bit of the gambler in sweet Sagittarius and you don't want to throw away your savings on casino blackjack. This sign is not moderate, so if a little is good a lot seems like a whole lot better. We tend to go whole hog over whatever we are interested in. There is excitement and joy and a very, very optimistic spirit here and I can't wait to see how we will all use it for our highest and best good.

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