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Think of James Dean’s famous line in Rebel Without a Cause, “What are you rebelling against?” “Whaya Got?” That’s Mars in its most basic form. Pure aggression. Mars is not known as a warlike planet for nothing. This is not the planet that will help you think your way out of a situation. This is where we use our fists to settle matters. The impulse of Mars is to take action. Any action. Even if it’s not always the right thing to do. It represents our urge to operate on the physical plane. Mars has a lot to do with both our physical body as well as our physical energy. When Mars is strong we feel like we can take on the world. When Mars is weak we feel tired and worn out – of people, of places and the world in general.

Mars represents the fire element. Sometimes this is the true firebrand, consumed with the fire of his/her ideas. Mars governs one’s enthusiasms. Where do you put your energy? The sign Mars resides in, will show where you are comfortable putting lots of energy. How comfortable are you with your sexuality? Mars represents the vital spark that is a power generator for our lives. Mars will give the strength to try again and again even in the face of overwhelming odds.

People tend to see Mars one dimensionally. Temper and sex being the two stereotypes that emerge. And yes, obviously both are a major part of the Mars principles. But don’t underestimate this planet. A Martian quality that most people overlook is the courage associated with Mars. Courage to face a difficult situation or unpleasant truth is provided by the Red Planet. The ability to put yourself out there in the world often leaves us feeling vulnerable and insecure. The courage of Mars is what gives us the strength to face fearful situations.

Mars compels us to act on our feelings, whatever they are. Because when we are in the grip of Martian energy we act first and think later the course of action we decide upon, may not always be the best. But it often makes us feel better just because we did it. Mars doesn’t necessarily think of the consequences, so a little Mars goes a long way. Take the best of this planet and use its strength, courage and leadership. Leave the extremes behind.

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