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On April 20th, Venus made its move and changed signs from Pisces into Aries. It is just a few days after Mercury made this same move and entered the sign of Aries on April 17th. Although this article is mostly about how Venus operates in Aries, I have to include Mercury as well because we are getting a double dose of Aries energy here.

First off, let me say that Venus is NOT HAPPY in Aries. Venus is the planet of love and romance. Everything about Venus is about us, not about me. But Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is all me, me, me. That is not a bad thing, Aries is supposed to be concentrated upon self. It's just that Venus doesn't seem to know what to do in a sign that has so little to do with partnership. Passion and assertiveness are strong with Aries, yet Venus wants to smile prettily and have someone serve her. Not too much common ground there. Whether you have Venus in Aries in your natal chart or not, this move will affect us all. Venus will fall somewhere in all our charts and that area will be lit up for the next few weeks. Venus will not leave Aries until May 15th.

The fire of Aries combined with the allure of Venus can be very dynamic and exciting, make no mistake. You have only to think of Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor to see how exciting a Venus in Aries woman can be. But Aries is not known for its staying power. And if you notice, both of these women had multiple husbands and love relationships. It is as if Venus in Aries is looking for something they cannot find. They want romance and excitement to be there 24/7 and there can be great challenges to the relationship when that new and intense attraction starts to fade, even just a bit.

With Venus in a fire sign we all want more fire in our love life. This can be doing something new and exciting in a long-term marriage, or finding a new love when you are single. It doesn't even always have to come out in terms of romance and passion. We can get excited about a new friend or a new hobby. We may all be a bit more expressive in terms of what we desire. This combination can be extremely creative and downright fun. We want to engage in activities that are enjoyable. And we may all be a bit more impulsive about decision making. But wherever Venus in Aries (along with Mercury) falls in our charts for the next few weeks these planets can be a source of pleasure and excitement for us. So where does this combination fall for all the signs? Glad you asked

ARIES - For Aries this Venus will fall in your 1st house of self. This lights up your world. You are more charismatic and exciting. And you want a partner that is fun-loving as well. There is a charm and grace to you now that is the gift of Venus. It is a good time to ask for any favors or go up against an adversary as you have the advantage. But don't get over confident. There can be some movement in terms of the one you love. You are can look for love in all the wrong places.

TAURUS - Sweet Taurus will find Venus in your 12th house of hidden matters. There can be thoughts of an old love coming up and what might have been. Or even a fantasy about your dream partner. There can be impulsive hook-ups and lovely creative energies all happening at once. Your compassionate nature is aroused and you seek to give to others. This is a very selfless position for Venus. But you can also engage in actions which you KNOW are not good for you, going off your diet or overindulging. But there is a beautiful mystical component to this Venus placement which will serve you well.

GEMINI - For Gemini this Venus energy, along with Mercury will fall in your 11th house of groups and friendships. This is a nice plus for sweet Gemini. The Twins are in a good position to meet new people (something you love) and make new friends. Your heart is open to the friends you have and you may reach out to let people know how much they mean to you. And a friend may suddenly turn into something more, just when you weren't looking. You want to be surrounded with those you love.

CANCER - Cancer lucks out with both Mercury and Venus falling in your 10th house of career. This is the very pinnacle of the chart and indicates some positive career energy happening. Your boss loves you and you manage to land the big client everyone was after. Venus has everyone wanting to buddy up to you and be your friend. Accept a speaking job or be in public in some way. You can receive an award of some sort for a job well done. There are meetings and phone calls and lots of busy stuff happening but you are on top of it all as you plan for an even bigger future.

LEO - I love that Venus lands in your 9th house of marketing and advertising. It is time for you to promote yourself and let that Leo energy shine and shine big. The beautiful energy of Venus will help move you to set up a website, join social media and get busy with an ad campaign. We want and need to be noticed with Venus in Aries and here in such a public house it will happen for sweet Leo. There can also be some kind of trip or vacation that results in a little out of town romance. Leo is ready to flirt and play and enjoy the good life. Get your passport updated and have at it.

VIRGO - This Venus in Aries is going to highlight the 8th house for Virgo. This is a hidden area of the chart. Things in the 8th house often show up in our inner life or are deliberately kept quiet about. We want privacy here but Venus is all about love and in this house, passion as well. Because the 8th is about money, there can be some nice money coming to you, or you are able to take care of financial matters in a way that is pleasing to you. This energy can be impulsive so be sure you are thinking things through before taking action. There may be a new closeness with family members as Venus joins other planets.

LIBRA - Well Libra is one happy camper as its ruling planet (Venus) gets to enter the 7th house, which is its natural home. When a planet is on home ground, it is happy indeed. And Venus is doing just that right now. It is time for love and romance. You want to spend time with your partner and be all lovey-dovey. But with this Aries energy making itself felt there can be disagreements that have to be resolved. You are looking at sweethearts and friends alike and working out differences to move the relationship forward. It is a great time for talking things out with Mercury so close to Venus.

SCORPIO - Scorpio has their mind on their health right now. With Venus and Mercury both in an area of your physical well-being, you are taking the time to make some doctor appointments and taking a look at your overall health. This is generally positive so it is a good time to make some doctor appointments and get those check-ups scheduled. It is also a positive time at work and a good period to put forward your ideas and talk to your boss about what you need to get the job done and done right. If it is one thing Scorpio hates it is shoddy work or a poor attitude.

SAGITTARIUS - Lucky Sag will have this Venus/Mercury combo fall in your 5th house. This is a beautiful area of the chart and shows a place of pleasure and enjoyment. No matter what is going on in your life it is important to make some time for pleasure. Remember what is beautiful and set some time aside for creative endeavors. Venus here loves romance so if single it is a good time to meet someone new or start dating again. Show your spouse how special they are to you. Make plans to get away for a long weekend and spend some family time with your kids.

CAPRICORN - This Venus energy is going to be in Capricorn's 4th house of home and family. This is a great time to take a look around the house and decide what you want to change or beautify. Redecorate or buy some new drapes. You are going to want your home to reflect who you are and are not afraid to spend the money to make it happen. And if there are any family feuds or disagreements, then now is the time to reach out to those family members and make peace. Venus loves to bring people together and with Mercury helping out you can talk things thru in a way everyone can hear.

AQUARIUS - This Venus transit through the sign of Aries is going to provide Aquarius with some good communication skills. Venus and Mercury both will fall in your 3rd house. This is an area that showcases how we share information. You will want to learn more and study more and perhaps even teach more. A perfect time to sign up for classes or take a night-school course. And it is a beautiful time to spend with your siblings. If you get along, then why not go on a mini-vacation together to the beach? And what the heck take along some other family members as well - you'll have a great time.

PISCES - Lucky Pisces will find this Venus in Aries energy hitting your 2nd house of material wealth. It is time to accept gifts from the Universe. Pisces is such a giver that they are not always as good at accepting, but now is the time to graciously accept what is offered to you. But you may be spending it as fast as it is coming in . Venus here does not like to deprive herself of anything so there can be impulse spending that takes you by surprise. You decide to give gifts to all your friends and you have a generous hand on the wallet. Watch all money matters. It is a positive time but you don't want to waste it.

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