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Right around the corner, on September 9th Jupiter will end its year-long exploration of Virgo and smoothly transition into Libra. Talk about a turn-around! These two signs are very, very different and all of us are going to feel the change in one way or another. Don't get me wrong, both signs have their positive and not-so-positive qualities. And since Jupiter typically stays in each new sign for a full year, we all get to experience both side of whatever sign Jupiter is currently visiting. So what can we expect with this new vibration coming our way?

Well if there is one word to sum up the character of Libra it would be - LOVE. That's right. LOVE. Notice all the caps. That's because Libra is not interested in some sort of quiet, pleasant sort of love. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City saying she wants "big beautiful, out of this world love". That perfectly expresses Jupiter in Libra.

Now love comes in many different forms and we are going to have plenty of time to explore all of them. But for most of us the first thing we think about when we think love, is our sweetheart. It doesn't matter if you are married or single your mind is going to be on your special someone. So all kinds of questions will pop up in your mind. Do you really, really love your spouse? The "until death do us part" kind of love? If you are single, then you are going to want someone to share your life with, pronto. We will be looking at who we truly love and what kind of love is it that we want, need and desire in our lives? These are big questions and they will be played out against the backdrop of our most intimate relationships for many months.

Beginning in September 2016 look for marriage rates to go up. All kinds of couplehoods start happening. What makes a couple? What kinds of relationships are we comfortable with and not so comfortable with? Most romantic relationships will go to the next level. If you are dating then you can move in together. If you are living together then you get engaged and of course if you are engaged then you get married. If you are involved in any kind of business that relates to love, romance and marriage your business is going to do very well late this year and next.

This is a sign ruled by Venus. Think of the goddess of love and beauty. We all want more beauty in our lives. This can be something simple like starting to buy some flowers for the house or it can go higher, buying new furniture, redecorating or having a fashion makeover. Speaking of fashion if there is a Venus ruled business that's it. Clothing prices will go up and fashion shows will show a timeless beauty and elegance that is in keeping with this new Libra vibration. We all want to look good and feel good. Plastic surgeons should do very well as more and more people op to take the quick way and go under the knife for the look they want. Cosmetics stock should go up and new perfumes will take over the market. Spas will be booked solid so make your appointments early. It's a good time for museums to ask for more money and schools to reinstate art and music in the classroom.

Virgo is about doing the right thing, balancing your checkbook and taking your vitamins. And after a year of eating our veggies we want what feels good not what is good. So there will be more eating out in restaurants and high calorie food. It doesn't mean you cannot lose weight, but you will have to concentrate hard to withstand temptation. What brings you pleasure? For sure, it is going to show up in the next couple of months if it hasn't already. For some who have worked hard for sobriety or to lose weight, this can be a huge challenge. How do you reward yourself? Comfort yourself? I happen to love the energy of Libra because I think most of us are way too hard on ourselves. We deny ourselves and sometimes make life harder than it needs to be. Not now. The goal will be to not overindulge.

If you are not in a romantic relationship and have no wish to be in a romantic relationship you will still react to this lovely change of pace. If you have friends, there can be trips or events or some way of letting your friends know how important they are to you. That's another thing about Libra. They are affectionate and loving. We speak up. We tell people how they helped us, changed us and made a difference to us. In fact, it is often sickeningly sweet. We want affection and will crave hugs and kisses with lots of hand holding. It is not a sign of wild passion (alas) but it will connect us to the one we love or those most important to us.

In terms of entertainment we will see more romantic comedies that do well at the box office. And for famous couples there can be some sort of grand gesture that makes the news. Wild over-the-top proposals will show up on the internet and we will all say Ahhh, as we witness couples in love.

But people tend to forget that Libra is an air sign and as such super smart. I have seen many a time when a lovely Libra smile disarmed the other party and it is always a mistake to forget that Libra can be very smooth about getting what they want. Just because they don't do it with fists and instead do it with words, does not mean they are not fighting for what they want. Libra is a people pleaser and they tend to avoid conflict. At least open conflict. Make sure you are talking things out, which Libra is also very good at. Communication rules.

Politically we can see new alliances formed and new treaties created. But this sign is not known for lightening quick decisions. The sign of the Scales tends to go back and forth, asking advice from everyone and implementing it from no one. So decisions made today change tomorrow. This can be in business but also in your relationship and in your home. The drapes you loved today you hate tomorrow and have to start over again. Making firm decisions and sticking to them is going to be a challenge.

For most people this new and exciting Libra energy will herald new relationships, whether it is personal or business. But for a smaller percentage they are going to feel the effects of Jupiter's huge ball of energy. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. It always wants more, bigger, better and louder. If there has been any situation in your life that is not working but has just sort of been dragging along from inertia then this burst of energy is going to bring things to a conclusion. So although I see more marriages, for some of you it can be a relationship that you finally say good-bye to and that is not always easy. There is no hurt like romantic heartache. Regardless of whether you are alone or with someone you will tend to be more social than usual. And yes, this includes Scorpio and Capricorn. Even the most anti-social sign comes out to play when Venus knocks on their door.

Think of all the fun things you want to do. Make a list because Jupiter will be here for an entire year and I'm betting you can do them all.

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