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Mark your calendars for July 16th, 2014. That is the date when Jupiter finally leaves its year-long visit in Cancer and officially changes signs and moves into Leo. I don't know about you but I can't wait. For a full year Jupiter has been in watery Cancer and everyone I know has been overwhelmed with emotion. It's important to understand our feelings but it's not always much fun. But Jupiter in Leo is totally different. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Leo is a sign of fun and games. You do the math. If Cancer was watery then Leo is the sign of the Lion and full of fire and passion.

Many people have already begun to feel the effects of this change. So what's in store? Well for one thing, we change from an energy of feelings to an energy of action. Suddenly we want to go, we are able to make things happen and we reengage with life. Jupiter is boundless. In ancient times it was known as the great beneficent because it was considered to bring luck and positive outcomes wherever it showed up. That may be a little simplistic but nonetheless there is a grain of truth there. And can't we all use a little bit of luck?

What would life be like with no boundaries? Jupiter wants us to find out. The positive side of this is that we stop letting our fear prevent us from forging ahead. We are more ready to take a chance. Maybe you quit your job and go into business for yourself or you say yes to a blind date and find the man or woman of your dreams. But with no boundaries or limitations what else might we say yes to? Quitting your job without a plan in place to support yourself is a good example of Jupiter run amuck. We need a few boundaries to ground us. Confidence is good, overconfidence will get us into trouble every time. We see this in our personal lives and we will see this with political leaders. Because Jupiter rules a fire sign, it wants to act first and think later. Presidents, Kings and Dictators will take ill-advised and usually rash action in response to a perceived threat. Think of religious leaders displaying this type of overconfidence. There can be forced conversions or terrorist attacks as it is a case of "I'm right and everyone else is wrong - and needs to be destroyed." Remember Jupiter doesn't want anything half-way. It goes all out. The trick is to find a way to use the expansive optimism and confidence of Jupiter without going overboard and blowing up our lives.

Jupiter rules travel, higher education and philosophy. When Jupiter was in Cancer we questioned ourselves. With Jupiter in Leo we question everything. The areas ruled by Leo will come under scrutiny now. Leo rules children and with Jupiter in Leo I think our national birthrate will go up. Jupiter thinks big and always wants MORE. I see issues around children turning up on the news. Maybe a new contraceptive hits the market or some sort of new education program for preschoolers is announced. Jupiter rules the law, so there can be some sort of reform to our legal system. And what about Leo? Well as I said Leo is very social and loves a good party. This is the sign that rules dating after all. Many people will begin dating someone new with Jupiter in Leo. It's all about amore. There is a certain regal quality to Leo, they want to be admired. Most people will find they are spending more on clothes, jewelry and spa services. This is not a combination of moderation, so people will want to eat more, drink more and play more. Any business that has to do with enjoying life will do well this year. Jupiter will leave Leo in July of 2015. But for the coming year people will thirst for the good life. But by avoiding some of the pitfalls and utilizing some of the positive planetary aspects we can maximize our chances of success.

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