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As most of you know by now Jupiter is in the mist of making its grand shift from pleasant Libra into intense Scorpio on the 10th of October. I have already written about what changes we can expect to see in the world. But this transition will also impact each one of us in a personal way as it moves from one area of our charts into another. Below are the 12 signs and what I think each sign should be aware of as we all change partners for a whole new dance!

ARIES With Jupiter moving into your 8th house of other people's money, the sign of the Ram is going to be looking at all kinds of financial investments and when, where and how you spend your money. This can be a year of positive financial flow. It will be easier to get a loan, pay off debt and lower your interest rate. More clients come to you or you can raise your rates if you are self-employed. Be warned that this is an area of the chart that deals with sexual activity and Jupiter is a planet of expansion. You do the math. Some people report a higher sex drive when Jupiter is here. This area of the chart is also about what is hidden from view so Aries may delve into esoteric study or take a class on being a medium. If your business has anything to do with money and finance then it should do well in the coming year.

TAURUS The sign of Taurus will have Jupiter fall in their 7th house of love and marriage. Many Bulls will be thinking of marriage. If dating they want to be exclusive, if exclusive, they decide to live together, living together they get engaged and so on. Jupiter wants to be with someone and so you are asking yourself all kinds of questions about your special someone. In a small number of cases Jupiter brings a burst of energy into a relationship that has you deciding on whether it will continue or not. But most of the time Taurus is happily in love. Save your money because you will want nice things. Jupiter here loves to spend and spend on items that are not essential. After all everyone needs a little luxury in their lives from time to time and now is yours. Normally frugal Taurus is using those credit cards.

GEMINI Gemini is taking a look at your overall health right now. Many Twins will be signing up at the gym or finding some kind of coach to work with them for optimum health. You are serious about getting into shape, lowering your blood sugar or taking aim at your cholesterol numbers. This is also the house of work and for many of you there will be additional job duties at the office. This is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact even if you are given more work without more pay right now, buck up and do your best because rewards can come later on from the work you are taking on right now. This is also the house of servants. I know we don't think of ourselves as having servants but maybe you hire a housekeeper or nanny. Even someone to cut the lawn or clean the pool would come under the rulership of this house. You may have more staff than you realize.

CANCER Cancer is lucky in that Jupiter will fall in your 5th house. This is what I call the fun house of the zodiac. We all need to stop and remember that life can be enjoyable and now is your time. Friends call and there can be trips and visits and good times had by all. This is also the area of children so if you are a parent then there can be some positive news happening about one of your kids. Maybe they get into that special school you applied to. The fifth house can be very romantic and if you are single then now is the time to start dating. Interested parties just seem to come out of the woodwork, all you have to do is say yes. And let us not forget the creative aspects of this house. Even if you have never considered yourself creative there might be some kind of artistic spirit that shows up to help you explore this area of life. This position will help Jupiter give you a nice sense of confidence.

LEO Sweet Leo will find Jupiter in Scorpio falling in your 4th house of home and family. This is a powerful position for Jupiter as our home is usually extremely important to us. As Jupiter connects with your Sun you are going to want to push yourself more to be noticed in some way. Many of you Lion's will be thinking about moving. Buying and selling property is really highlighted here. It is a fabulous time to either buy or sell real estate. Time after time I have seen clients qualify for homes they shouldn't qualify for or somehow luck into the perfect home for them. Allow the positive vibes of Jupiter to work its magic for you. Often I see the home expand in some way. This can be a new baby if you are tying as this is a very fertile energy. Or you decide to redo the kitchen or add on a bonus room.

VIRGO Virgo has this new Jupiter energy fall in their 3rd house of communication. Virgo is often content to let others speak up while they stay in the background. But all that is going to change as Jupiter brings a new level of energy to all your communications. What you say and how you say it become much more important. All forms of communication become more active. For many of you there will be a book in there just waiting to come out. For others the mind becomes even more active than usual and there will be classes and workshops to either give or attend. Virgo will be eager to learn. This house also rules siblings. If there are any problems with brothers or sisters then Jupiter will bring things to a head so they can be healed. Maybe there is a visit to a far off sibling that you have not seen in some time. New car fever may come upon some of you so be careful!

LIBRA Lucky Libra has this new energy show up in their 2nd house of money and income. Since Jupiter is expansion and the house is money this is a great combination to have. Your income may go up and isn't that a nice energy to have? There can be extra income in many different forms. A raise or bonus is often the case but sometimes it is someone paying you back money you thought you would never see again. And don't forget that there is a sublet vibration of self-worth attached to his house. What is it you value? If it has not always been yourself that you value that is going to change for the better. You look at all your possessions and questions whether you need them or not. For some this can mean letting go of things you have outgrown. For others it may be adding to the list. You get to choose.

SCORPIO This change of position for Jupiter will affect you most of all sweet Scorpio. You will have Jupiter in your own house of self, lighting it up. This means that although Scorpio is usually pretty reserved, you are ready to be more public and show the world what you can do. Jupiter often brings in new opportunity. You get to say yes or no but people keep showing you new doors that you can choose to open or not. Jupiter loves to learn so many Scorpio's will go back to school and earn some kind of degree or certification. Many Scorpio's will be the one teaching the class. For some, all this attention might be a little much but you get to handle it on your terms so I think you will actually enjoy it. Last year and much of 2017 has been super emotional for you and now you will feel more centered and in charge.

SAGITTARIUS The sign of The Archer is going to experience this new Jupiter energy with this large planet falling in your 12th house of hidden matters. Your sign is not known for being very introspective but that is going to change as Jupiter has you thinking deep thoughts and questioning your whole life. This may be an uncomfortable process for you but it is a necessary one. This area of the chart is very emotional so expect your emotions to be right at the surface and maybe a few tears might make their way out as well. Your compassionate spirit wants to help the world but you are not quite sure how to go about it. There may be more giving in lots of different ways. You are looking at deep issues around faith and belief so you may go back to church or seek some kind of deeper wisdom to answer life's unanswerable questions.

CAPRICORN The sign of the Goat is going to experience Jupiter in their 11th house of friends, groups and ideals. A great place for Jupiter. This house is also the area of technology and aviation. You may start with a new computer and go from there. Capricorn can be very shy and not do too well in groups of people socializing. But you are more drawn to joining in now so sign up for whatever new meet-up draws your eye. Old friends reappear and you have a great visit. This is a future oriented house and your dreams of what you want your future to be may start to change. I know you don't like change too much but this is a good one, I promise. Do all the networking you can while Jupiter is here. Your friends may help you with a new job, new love and new future so stay open to what is happening.

AQUARIUS Aquarius is fortunate in having Jupiter fall in your 10th house of career. Jupiter expands what it touches so your work life may get bigger in some way. This is the perfect time to make yourself known to your boss. They may already have their eye on you. If you are looking for a new job, then get ready because it may just knock at your door. Sometimes travel and work go together and this is one of those times. Keep your bags packed and ready to go. Some of this movement may be about getting some extra training to move up the ladder with a better skill set. There can be rewards here for a job well done in the past. This is not the time to sell yourself short. Accept any rewards as your due because you have earned them.

PISCES Pisces is another lucky water sign that is going to have this new Jupiter placement help you out. Jupiter will be in your 9th house for the next year. It's time to get out of the house and see the world. But you probably already know this. The 9th house is one of travel and so new travel opportunities show up. You get to say yes or no but they keep coming. This area of the chart has to do with our philosophy of life and our faith. Many Fishes will try new churches or places to worship. For some it can be exploring new areas of thought about why we are here and what life means. Like Pisces in the 3rd house you want to learn and want to teach both so don't be shy about putting yourself out there and sharing what you know. Jupiter will give your Sun a nice boost and you can start to feel better about almost everything,

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