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The planet Jupiter is often called 'The Great Beneficent' because this expansive planet brings a huge burst of energy to whatever part of the chart it's placed. But really it's not that Jupiter is good or bad, it is just MORE. Sometimes, even most of the time, that's a good thing. But not always. More is not always better. When Jupiter enters a new sign it enters a new part of your chart and so a new area of your life gets highlighted. I guess we'll all get to find out more on October 10th, 2017 as Jupiter finally leaves its year-long visit in Libra and grandly makes its entrance into Scorpio. Many of you are already feeling this new energy even if you don't know what it is.

We are feeling a bit edgey because Scorpio is nothing like Libra. Scorpio is all deep, dark and mysterious. This is the sign after all that rules that which is hidden from view and not always socially acceptable. And speaking of that which is not socially acceptable, remember that Scorpio rules sexual activity. We have a planet of expansion entering an area of sex - hum…… I wonder how that will play out. For sure, look for some kind of sex scandal to once again rock the nation. All issues around sexual expression come out to play. How do we express our need for intimacy? Watch for issues around transgender community to once again show up on the evening news. Discussions of sexual activity will be taking place across the nation. This is an extreme sign, not given to moderation. On a personal level we will all be lifting up that rock to see where our sexual attitudes come from and how we feel about them.

Many people will begin seeking therapy. It takes courage to look at what is not working in your life and make a commitment to changing it. Scorpio is nothing if not fearless. It will pursue its goals with a single-mindedness that puts military generals to shame. So be very aware of what your goals are as you will tend to renew your focus on achieving your heart's desire with all the force of a heat-seeking missle.

Scorpio is all about secrets. This is the sign that rules the CIA and secret organizations after all. Look for secrets to start coming out both in our personal life and in our nation's life.

With Scorpio we always want to get to the bottom of things. This sign helps us face the truth no matter how uncomfortable that might be. We go to an extreme to fix whatever is broken and we do not always recognize that moderation might be more appropriate. There is an intensity to Scorpio that cuts both ways. Nothing half-way please. Energies here deal with the underworld, financial means and our sense of power. We can go on a power trip that is not easy to recover from. We all have to be especially careful where we put our energies because those energies can take over our life and is that what we really want? Awareness is everything when dealing with the unconsciousness.

If we do not deal with Scorpio with awareness then be warned the dark side of Scorpio can and will come out. We may see more violence show up on the news as people feel these dark energies come up and yet refuse to acknowledge them or deal with them. Instead it bursts out in an act of violence to release the tension. We can see this show up at home or on the international stage. This powerful sign demands to be dealt with but not everyone knows how to do that in a positive way.

As Jupiter is associated with higher mind and religion and it combines with Scorpio's passionate belief in its own rightness, we may see more religious ferver sweep the nation. The dark side of Jupiter is self-righteousness. More religious organizations begin putting forth their view of what it is God wants with a certainty that leaves no room for discussion.

And money. Did I mention that Scorpio rules other people's money? It also rules taxes, insurance and inheritance. It is no coincidence that we are hearing talk of a new tax plan as Jupiter makes its entrance into this powerful sign. Because Scorpio is so transformative we may see a major overhaul of our tax system instead of a few tweaks. And make no mistake there can be hidden and secretive things in any tax changes that may not stand up to the light of day. Pay extra special attention to your money and how you use it. Where we spend our money really shows what is important to us. What is your spending saying about you?

We have a wonderful opportunity with Jupiter entering this sign to make some major changes in our life, to face our fears and transform them. But it doesn't come for free. The more we are willing to work the more benefit we receive. It is up to each individual to decide what they wish to transform in their life and create a plan to achieve it.

Look for Part II - How Jupiter will affect each sign - coming soon.

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