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For the first time in a long time Jupiter and Pluto meet up in the sky this year. And not just one meeting either. No, they meet up three times in 2020. First in April, then again in June and their final pairing in November. This is worth noting because there are more than a half dozen times in the past, when Jupiter and Pluto met up and there was a deadly pandemic. Now before you look at these two planets hooking up as all gloom and doom, I would point out that these two planets meet about every 12 years and obviously we do not have a pandemic every 12 years. But 2020 has been plenty challenging so far and here we have another duo of planets asking us to take a look and make some changes. Pluto is after all the planet that rules death and dying and Jupiter is the planet that expands and makes things bigger.

I usually love the expansive quality of Jupiter. If Pluto is in a place of love and light, then Jupiter can expand that. But what if Pluto is all about confusion and misinformation? It can increase worry and stress. Traditionally Jupiter is looked at as a good guy. It never met a party it didn't like and in general Jupiter wants everyone to have a good time and enjoy life. Doesn't sound too bad right? Now let's look at Pluto. A whole different kettle of fish. Pluto is God of the underworld. A planet of transformation. When Pluto is strong things become intense. This is not a planet of swimming in the shallow end. No, Pluto wants to get to the bottom of things. It asks us to dig deep to find our answers. And sometimes those answers are not comfortable. This planet can hold up a mirror and we do not always like what we see, but Pluto gives us the strength to face things honesty. The more we try to run and hide, the more intense Pluto gets. So what does it mean when this beautiful planet of sunshine and happiness comes together with this planet of our shadow and darkness?

Since Pluto is a planet of money and wealth and Jupiter is all about more and bigger. It stands to reason that this year we will see some dramatic monetary shifts. And to some degree we have seen this. The stimulus check was something unheard of just last year. We have seen enormous COVID relief packages passed in Congress. But with another Jupiter/Pluto conjunction this month and another coming up in November, I don't think we are done seeing Congress enact financial changes. Some of this is going to be in terms of stimulus packages but I think we will also see a call for long-term change in the economy of the United States. There might be some kind of debt relief or forgiveness bills put forward in Congress. By year's end, especially around November, we will start to see calls for economic reform. There could be some kind of bump in the stock market. The country's voice will be heard and it will be saying that most American's are sick and tired of the US economic model of take from the poor to give to the rich. I do not know to what degree reform will be enacted but I do think we will see more calls for equality. Jupiter always wants fairness and our country sometimes has a problem with Jupiter's lofty ideals.

Jupiter rules religion, not spiritual matters, but religious matters. With Pluto so intense we can see some changes in how we look at religious institutions. There can be corruption that comes to light as Pluto is all about the underworld. When Pluto is active there are extremes so we can see calls for being with us or against us. On the personal level this combination can be very, very powerful in terms of personal transformation. We come into our own gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. This is the right time to start to trust our own inner voice instead of any guru or cult leader. What is it you really believe? Have you just been giving lip service for too long? We dig deep within ourselves and start to find our own power. Jupiter and Pluto together can help us manifest dreams we have held too long in our heart without finding some kind of manifestation. Our faith can change and become more powerful than ever before. Yes, there is a shadow side to these two planets coming together but there is also a side of light and love, hope and inspiration. We just have to make sure we keep a light on in the window for Jupiter to show us the way to a new life.

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