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The Astrology of May is so exciting. On May 14th for the first time in 14 years Jupiter will put its big toe into the sign of The Fishes. Pisces is what astrologers, readers and all people working with woo-woo energies have been looking forward to. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. Whatever it touches it makes bigger. Now it is touching this magical and mystical sign. The first thing you have to understand with Pisces is that it is a water sign and as such, pretty emotional. Before Neptune was discovered Jupiter was considered to be the planet that ruled Pisces, so believe me Jupiter is right at home and looooves being here.

So, what are we going to see with this shift? Well Pisces rules addictions. When Pisces energy is strong, we want to escape. Now not all escapes are bad. Sometimes we just want a warm bath and a good book and to shut out the world. But other times the desire to escape the pain of the world can lead us down some unhealthy paths. We will probably hear more about the opioid crisis, since Pisces rules drugs and alcohol. Don't be surprised if you find yourself having a second glass of wine or overindulging in something. This sign is not the best at boundaries. This can be boundaries of 'just saying no' but it can also be boundaries around people taking advantage of us and we may struggle more to hold true to what we know is right even in a moment when it is easier to give in. If you have ever said 'Why of course I would love to' while your mind is screaming 'No, no. For the love of God no' then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Since Pisces rules mental health, chances are we are going to hear about more programs to address mental health issues in the US. We will start to hear about the mental and emotional cost of COVID and what kind of challenges it has presented to our nation on the emotional level. There may be new programs to help address these needs and mental and emotional health is going to be given real attention instead of just lip service. For those of you in the mental health field, you are going to be slammed with clients. People are starting to look at what is holding them back. And Pisces is going to push them to pull back that curtain and take a look. We are ready to release old wounds. Jupiter will be here from May 14th until the end of July. It doesn't get past 2 degrees, which is why I say it just puts its big toe in the sign. But it gives us a preview of 2022. That's right. Jupiter goes back into Pisces at the end of this year and will stay there through the first few months of next year. Right now, we get to plan ahead. I think of this as a lovely gift as we have time to put a plan together and see what we want to accomplish next year.

For those in the Mind/Body/Spirit industry this can be very exciting news. I think we are going to see this field gain a new respect. We will see entertainment stars talk about what their astrologer says or how a Reiki healer helped them. Holistic healing is part of Pisces energy and not only will we see our relatives top laughing at energy medicine but we may see hospitals and businesses start to embrace complimentary modalities of healing. About time. Insurance companies may start to cover certain healing practices that lead to better health and end up being less costly for businesses. We are going to see traditional and alternative shake hands and begin to work together.

Most people are going to notice that their intuitive senses start to pick up. It is no coincidence that my friend India and I decided to teach our Developing Your Intuitive Abilities during this period. Woo-woo is going mainstream!! I love it. We will meditate more and seek higher wisdom. What we begin now will finish up early next year so don't be discouraged if you do not see a project come to fulfillment right away. This period is about planting seeds. These are seeds of a deep spiritual connection. This desire is not only for us to reach a higher state but our love and compassion are reaching out to everyone. We want to heal our nation and then heal the world. Charitable organizations will talk about how giving is increasing and churches and non-profits should do well.

Since Pisces is a water sign, we will see this affect all the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) in a big way. But Virgo will also see the influence be greater than usual. Because Jupiter is basically a lovely and supportive planet, I don't see its influence as problematic. But we can have some big dreams now that we start to make real. We yean for a bigger life and somehow it feels like it is right around the corner.

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