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As the first sign of the zodiac Aries will experience this Jupiter/Neptune combo in their 12th house. I love this house, but there is no denying that it can be a bit of a problem from time to time. This area of the chart is very hidden and very emotional. A combination that can bring up all kinds of hidden emotions and slap them in your face. Aries may want to be alone more right now, which is not their norm. They want to think about old feelings and maybe even old grief. Some become more weepy with both these planets here. There can be a feeling of discouragement or even despair. I know it doesn't sound like too much fun right now - but wait. This area of the chart is very, very intuitive. Your intuitive talents skyrocket and you are more trusting of what you receive from higher energies. There is a deep connection with the Divine and you want to meditate and merge into the Universe. This house is also super imaginative so if you work in the arts or any area that is imaginative at all, then you get a big bonus. Not so bad now, is it?

For the sweet Bull, this combination is going to fall in your 11th house. This house is about friends and group activity. Taurus is usually pretty comfortable staying home and chilling out. But now you are called to spend time with friends and want to be around people. Find a group of like-minded people and join up. It is time to explore the Universe. New dreams come up now and you look at setting new and exciting goals for your future. It sometimes takes Taurus a moment or two to go from idea to action. But now is when you begin to create a new future that has been on the back-burner for some time. This is an area of the chart that is all about technology so if you work in the tech industry then this can be extra exciting but even if you do not know anything except how to turn the computer on, you will be drawn to new gadgets and tech toys right now. It is a good time to connect with higher mind energies. There is more woo-woo energy around you now so make the most of it.

As another mutable sign Gemini will experience this Jupiter/Neptune coming together in your 10th house. This is the house at the very top of the chart and is going to bring up all kinds of issues with career. By issues I do not mean negative stuff but rather you dream of what you really want to do and what speaks to your heart professionally. It is time to pursue those dreams now. Ask your Spirit Guides for help because they are there for you, believe me. You may be seen more publicly now and that is a good time. Allow yourself to shine and take a bow. But it can be confusing. Suppose you have two possible job opportunities. Which one to pick? Will this work out long-term? There are going to be questions. The best way to find the answers is to turn withing and listen. Go into meditation. Journal. If you want a career in some artistic field then this combination is going to help you big time. Stay focused on the prize you want and allow the Universe to bring you, its gifts.

As another water sign, Cancer can benefit extra big right now. As Jupiter and Neptune bump into each other, they are going to meet up in your 9th house. This area of the chart is all about travel. The Crab likes to stay home. But not now! Now you dream of far -off places and exciting vacations. You just want to go and you don't care all that much about where. You are hungry for adventure and Jupiter/Neptune can bring it to you. This house is also all about education and learning. Your mind is extra strong right now so make the most of it and study something new. If you are in a position to teach anything I would get busy and offer your services. You know more than you think. I know Cancer is not much of a sign for selling, but if you have to sell anything this duo is going to help you and make it easier than ever. People want to work with you so do not be afraid to ask for what you want. Now is the time to self-promote. Build a new website or advertise a new product. And most of all - have fun!

The 8th house is home to this current Jupiter/Neptune duo. This means that you are thinking about money, finance and future earnings. Maybe you are thinking of college funds for school-age children but you may just as likely to be thinking of retirement income and will you have enough? And most of all the question becomes - How much is enough? If you lend a large sum to one child, will you be able to give the other one just as much? Confusion and questions abound. But this is also a very positive energy to earn income thru any kind of artistic project or any kind of spiritual/metaphysical work. Maybe you have always wanted to be a healer or use your intuitive talents to earn a living. Now is the time when this can change from thoughts to reality. Wouldn't it be nice to do what you love and have the money follow? There is a withdrawing into self that happens now that is not like Leo but very like Pisces. So let yourself be alone for a bit and ponder a new future. What you decide will manifest at a later time.

Virgo is the sign opposite this Jupiter/Neptune meet-up in Pisces. This means that it is going to light up your 7th house. This is the area of the chart that deals with partners. Now most of the time that is aromantic partner but make no mistake, it can also be a business partner or even a friend. There may some confusion in just what you want in a partner or how much do you have left to give? It can be the highest and the lowest energy possible in terms of love and romance. You can meet the man or woman of your dreams but they end up deceiving you in some way. You want to open your heart but at the same time you need to keep your eyes open and be cautious. Not always an easy combination. But both of these planets are compassionate and giving. Very creative. I love this because it allows ourself to receive. Virgo is not always good at treating themselves well. They do great for everyone else but keep putting themselves last. Now you decide to buy yourself something expensive because you deserve it. You stop putting it off and are ready to make sure you get taken care of as well. I love it.

Lovely Libra will experience this Jupiter/Neptune combination falling in your 6th house. This is the area of health and well-being. Pisces can often confuse things. Pisces does rule fog after all. With both these planets visiting here there may be some confusion about a health issue. Maybe the x-rays were not clear. Or maybe there are several options to choose from and you are not sure of the right path. But the good news in all this is that holistic options seem to work well for you right now. You might visit a Reiki master for a session or decide to add in acupuncture to help the body heal. There can be new opportunities at work. Jupiter tends to expand things so there can be a new assignment or maybe you have an opportunity to do something you have been trying to do for some time. Say yes to new work even if it doesn't feel comfortable now. Jupiter has a way of providing rewards even after the energy has passed. Be cautious about pets right now. There may be something going on that is not clear. The longer you wait the clearer it becomes.

As another one of the water signs Scorpio is in an ideal position to benefit from this Jupiter/Neptune visit. The rewards may come now or they may come later but it is still a powerful time for you. Both of these planets will send out some nice vibes to your Sun. You may feel more confident about taking chances or moving in a new direction. These two bodies are settled nicely into your 5th house. My favorite place in the chart. This house deals with children and so this is a time when you might be spending more time with children and family. It is a good time to take a vacation and play a little. Scorpio can be somewhat intense and sometimes we all need to take a break. April is your time to indulge yourself. This can be indulging yourself with love and romance. If single this can be a fun time to date and meet someone new. But remember that Pisces can create an illusion. Do not make impulsive or rash decisions. I don't' care how wonderful they are, you do not lend them money. But this is also a time to do things that make you happy. Take up a new hobby or find a creative pursuit. I love these two planets together in this house. We all need to remember to play and now is your time.

The Archer will find this strong conjunction visiting your 4th house of home and family. Family situations may be unsettled as you are not sure exactly what direction to take. Be aware you may not have all the facts. You may take on more now than is wise. You desire to help is noble but be careful that you do not absorb the difficult emotions of family members. There can be disagreements about what needs to be done. This can apply to your home as well. You may want to move but cannot find anyplace affordable. You decide to remodel some part of your home but instead run into more difficulties. It is not really a good time to work on the house. Too much that is hidden. You do not want to rip something out only to discover more damage and more expense. Sag is generally sunny in nature but you will find yourself more emotional than usual now. Lots of emotions swirling around but no clear path of action. There may also be some stomach upsets as your digestion is more tender now. Be careful of what you eat and drink as it may cause a problem down the road. But your emotion allows you to connect with other people on a level you may not always be able to reach. Your intuition is riding high so do not be afraid to listen to your inner voice.

Capricorn is usually a very sharp thinker and can get to the bottom line pretty fast. But right now your thinking seems to be a bit more nebulous. Thanks to the visit of both Jupiter and Neptune in your area of study and learning. Your thoughts may tend to drift a bit. You lose your car keys and forget appointments but don't worry, you are not losing your mind, you are just in the middle of Pisces energies. Both Jupiter and Neptune are both in the sign of The Fishes. Lucky you, this means that your intuition is front and center. No wonder your mind is bored with running errands and taking care of details. You want your mind to merge with The Universe. You are drawn to study subjects that are mysterious and intriguing. This can be reading a riveting mystery book but also delving deep into metaphysical concepts. Your communication may not be as clear as usual. Be patient with yourself and others as miscommunications get straightened out. Your siblings may show up in your life more right now and you find yourselves talking about deep subjects you usually avoid.

Aquarius is the lucky one, finding this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction sitting pretty in your 2nd house of prosperity and wealth. Since Jupiter tends to expand what it touches and it is touching a financial area of your chart, chances are there may be some extra money coming your way. Lucky you. This means that career paths that mirror the energies of Pisces and Sagittarius can be real winners for you. Pisces is all about gas and oil, so there might be some good investments there (after checking with your investment advisor). Pisces also rules the metaphysical world so there could be some good income streams coming from that direction. Sag is all about learning and teaching so you might be able to pick up some extra money tutoring someone. But be careful about how you spend your increased prosperity. Pisces tends to drain away what it comes in contact with and you do not want it draining away your money. Impulsive spending is not recommended right now. On the other hand you may have a dream with the winning lottery numbers. Since Jupiter is here, I like the fact that you will probably have a little help in believing in yourself more. There is a quiet confidence that says you can do it. It is going to enable you to move forward into new fields.

Wow, Pisces gets to have both Jupiter and Neptune in your very own sign. How lucky can you get? With Jupiter sitting so close to your Sun, you may be drawn to doing new things and having more confidence. Jupiter likes to expand what it touches and right now it is touching your sense of self. Something about how you see yourself can shift and expand your awareness. Jupiter is a travel planet and so you may be on the move. This can be as simple as going out of town for a few days to visit a friend or packing your bags for an around-the-world cruise. You have a desire to see new places and have new experiences. This is a good time to you to expand your knowledge base as well. If there is always something you have wanted to learn but kept putting off, now is the time. You are able to learn easily and quickly as well as maybe teach something as well. If you are involved in education in any way, then you get a double-whammy of helpfulness from this planet. But Neptune is here as well. Now I love Neptune but we can sometimes get into a bit of trouble with this beautiful planet. Neptune is great at loving service and compassion. But Neptune does not always want to look at the gritty details that we need to check out to make sure we do not get into trouble. Eyes bigger than your stomach? That is Neptune. So we can lie to ourselves or refuse to look at what is in front of us. But the higher side of Neptune is a connection to higher states of consciousness and a beautiful healing energy. You may pay special attention of all things related to health and healing right now. You want to merge with The Universe and understand the mind of God. A tall order but maybe fun to explore.

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