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April 12th is the date you want to pay attention to. Why, you ask? It is because that is the day when Jupiter and Neptune meet-up face-to-face for the first time in a dozen years. The last time these two met up in the sign of Pisces was 166 years ago. This is big news in the astrological community. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and Jupiter was the ancient ruler of Pisces, so both of these planets are very comfortable in this watery sign. As they meet up the expansion of Jupiter will enable the qualities of Neptune to express more openly and freely.

And just what are the qualities of Neptune that are going to be showcased with this combo? Well Neptune is the planet of spiritual development. Look for the world to wake up to a new sense of spiritual awareness. On an individual level this can be a powerful spiritual awakening. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Neptune is a planet that transcends our everyday life as we seek a greater connection with the Divine. Our intuitive abilities expand. We want to explore the Universe and talk to the Angels. Look for more Mind/Body/Spirit topics to come up in the news. On a personal level we may be drawn to meditation and start journaling. We want to be with like-minded people who understand that inner fire of seeking to know the unknowable.

Neptune is a very artistic planet and so we want to explore our own unique artistic gifts. Even if we have no particular artistic gifts, we want to go to a concert and have art, music and theater be a bigger part of our lives. We can see more funding for the arts and we are drawn to classes and workshops that allow us to explore this side of life. New expos and museum exhibits seem to show up out-of-the-blue and we want our home and ourselves to be more beautiful. Sometimes this can be plastic surgery but just as often it can be new clothes, jewelry and expensive purchases. That is the thing about Jupiter and Neptune together. Neptune has no boundaries and Jupiter expands that. See where there might be trouble? It is the old "if a little is good, a lot is better" philosophy. And that does not always have a positive outcome in real life. Maybe we are trying to lose weight or give up alcohol. A combo that eggs us on to destructive behavior with no stopping point is the last thing we need. So we have to pay extra close attention to our desires. Discipline is not what this planet is known for. We do not want to give up anything that makes us feel good and we may be quite unreasonable about it as well.

Since Neptune is all about our feelings and Jupiter is increasing its energy, we can be very emotional about anything and everything. We blow up in anger because someone forgot to ask if we want fries with that. But positive emotions come to the surface as well. We are more compassionate and open our hearts to those who are in pain or suffering in any way. This is a very healing combination and so we might decide to learn more about holistic healing and/or explore new modalities of health and wellness. It is important to find the balance between our common sense and our loving heart.

Every area of Neptune influence becomes heightened now. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol so do not be surprised to hear news stories about our opioid problem being out-of-control. Alcohol sales may be up and we may engage in any kind of self-soothing behavior that helps us in the moment, regardless if its effects are not positive long-term. This is an energy of fantasy and make believe. We will not always know what is real and what is not. Our imagination runs wild and our feelings are all over the place.

All this said, I love these two planets coming together and I'm excited to see how it plays out in my own life. For those on any kind of a spiritual path this is a very exciting period as we reach new levels of consciousness. We become inspired and open to new realms of healing, mediation and other- worldly energies. So sign up for some kind of course of study, pick up artistic projects you put away and allow The Universe to inspire and uplift you!

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