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Okay, having taken a look at the chart of Donald Trump, it is now time to do the same for Hillary Clinton. Remember, this is an astrological view of the candidate, not a liberal or conservative viewpoint. There is some confusion as to the exact time Hillary was born so I decided to use her Solar chart to see what showed up.

If Donald Trump's chart is all about being in public, Hillary's chart is all about being private. Hillary is a Scorpio, THE most private sign of the zodiac. Not only is her Sun in Scorpio but her Venus and Mercury are here as well. This is someone who is intensely private almost to the point of paranoia. With three planets all in private Scorpio what is she doing in public life? Easy. She has Mars, Pluto and Saturn all at the top of her chart in the public tenth house. What a conflict this woman was born with! On the one hand all she really yearns for is a secret place all her own where no one bothers her. But her chart doesn't give her any peace until she finds a way to publicly shine. For someone who is probably one of the most famous women in the world I can only imagine how sometimes painful this conflict is.

TNot only does she have all these planets in secretive Scorpio but her N. Node is in Taurus putting her S. Node is in Scorpio as well. There is often some kind of trauma associated with a S. Node in Scorpio. It is as if the soul is born remembering pain, betrayal and even violence. They are figuratively born with their dukes up, expecting trouble from the get go. And very often they find it. I know of no other nodal placement that is so prone to being born into some sort of stressful or dangerous situation. Hillary has talked about her parents and what sounds like a very normal childhood but my guess is she always felt on guard, ready to defend herself, waiting for the attack. Defending herself does not have to be physical but rather verbal. Wars of words instead of fists. It is interesting that she joined the debate club. Here is a way to still fight for what is important but no one has to physically suffer or die for their beliefs. Part of her soul mission is to find peace and safety, which is not such a bad thing in a world leader. But over and over, every time she turns around she is in situations that remind her of old persecutions and enemies. Gee, have we seen any of this in her public life?

Talk about irony. All these years she forced herself to grow a thick skin to cover up a soft heart only to find that the public now sees her as cold and maybe a bit calculating. I'm not saying those energies are not present, but do not sell this woman short on the softer feelings as well. Like Trump, I think she feels safest showing vulnerability around her family and children in general. She HATES having to show her deepest emotions and yet without showing her human side as opposed to her capable side, she is not always connecting with the public. What a conflict. So why is she so determined to stay in public life and even run for the highest office in the country? Because her chart demands no less.

She has Pluto, her ruling planet, at the peak of her chart. It is right next to Mars on one side and Saturn on the other. Believe me, this is not an astrological walk in the park. This is a very challenging arrangement of planets. With so much forcefulness in such a public place, she could have started her own company and made millions. She wants and needs to be in charge. And I can only imagine the struggles between her and her husband as to who is the real authority in the family. Her Leo energy is strong, and pride can keep her from admitting mistakes and shortcomings. But her lovely sensitive Moon is very idealistic. This Moon truly wants to make a difference and wants to save the world. With all of the strength in her Scorpio and Leo planets, I think it is that soft Pisces Moon that ultimately led her to the public service sector.

Keeping secrets and holding things close to her chest is as natural to her as breathing. But America, with its Sagittarius rising, wants openness and honesty, something that this chart does not easily do. There can be the appearance of doing something wrong because of the secrecy factor. She may hold herself accountable in private, but in public, the motto may be "never let them see you sweat". For a Scorpio there is no greater fear than looking weak. And she has to find the answer to the question - when is it pride and when is it arrogance? Because only she will truly know the answer.

If it is one thing Scorpio's value it is loyalty. Add in the loyalty needs of her Leo planets as well and she will keep people around her that honor that trust, because once broken it is not going to be rebuilt again quickly, if at all. On the other hand, she will keep faith with those she trusts and does not go back her word. Scorpio can sometimes be autocratic and dominating. But this sign is capable of great transformation on the high side of Scorpio.

Hillary's chart is compelling, forceful and dynamic. Not the chart of a wilting flower for sure. It is full of mystery and power and intrigue. It is also full of kindness, compassion and a deep well of emotions that we seldom see. Her chart is in many ways the opposite of Trump's. His energy is all out in the open, brash and bold. Hers is not as brash but it is for sure, just as strong. This election is a clash of the titans.

As our nation moves closer and closer to Election Day, the campaign on both sides will heat up more and more. Come January one of these people will be sworn in as president of the United States. And that person, whoever he or she is, will need our prayers and acceptance. This election is not only asking a great deal from the candidates, it is asking something just as strong from the population. No matter who wins, our nation needs forgiveness and unity. We must let go of our anger and passion over this election and lift up our nation in love and understanding. Whoever our president is, it is the only way to heal and move forward.

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