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We are now in the mist of what is often the busiest and most stressful time of the year. The holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another holiday we usually have a list in hand as we brave the malls, stores and gift shops trying to find the perfect present for everyone we know. Below are some helpful tips about what to buy for each sign of the zodiac. Best wishes for your holiday season.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and as such always likes to be first in all they do. If they are first in their class to own the new I-pod then that's going to give them a great deal of pleasure. It doesn't have to be expensive for it to make them feel special. This sign is ruled by Mars and as such loves physical activity. So get them a gym membership or some kind of sporting equipment and they will be ever grateful. Tickets to a sporting event will bring a sparkle to their eyes. Gifts for them should involve Aries in doing something.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus and there is a sensual side to this sign that people often miss. They love things that feel good. Get them that lush fur throw they can cuddle up under during cold winter nights. Think about fabrics that feel good next to the skin. Buy them a silk blouse and watch them light up. Most Bulls love to build something so erector sets and building materials work for any youngsters. Both children and adult Bulls understand money so maybe a piggy bank or saving bonds. Even a book on how to manage your finances will make them happy.

Gemini is an air sign and very mentally oriented. They love anything that engages their mind. Buy them puzzles or games. Many Gemini's love the latest toys. This is the sign that always has the latest updates to their phone and are constantly upgrading with new computer enchantments. Buy them minutes for their phone and you will be their best friend forever. This sign has a natural curiosity and want to learn everything so get them classes in a subject they have mentioned and show you were listening.

Cancer loves anything to do with home and family. Gifts for the home rank high on their best present's list. And if they have children don't forget them as well. Cancer loves food and many of them are gourmet cooks. Any kitchen appliance or gadget would be appropriate. And taking them out to eat at a nice restaurant would be something they love. Likewise getting them restaurant gift certificates would be appreciated. If money is tight write them a poem that is from the heart or get them a book about their favorite period in history.

Leo is a royal sign and as such loves anything that makes them feel special. If we are talking about a child they love things with their name on it. Likewise they love sparkles and sequins. Gold and purple are the colors most loved by Leo. And speaking of gold… gold jewelry is always a plus. They LOVE jewelry. Many Leo's are involved in the arts so give them voice lessons or pottery classes. Help them discover their inner artist. Make a grand gesture and present their gift in a very special way.

Virgo's like to organize so buy them a gift card to the Containers Store. Or you can hire a housekeeper to help them at home. The housekeeper will probably not do a good enough job for them but they will love you were thinking of them. Virgo gets a bum rap about gifts. They are so practical that people forget they love to receive gifts like any other sign. But you need to pay attention to the details. The color has to match their home's design and it has to be just what they want, but they will love that you tried.

Libra is ruled by Venus and as such loves beauty. This is the sign that loves soft fabrics and the touch of silk. Is it a luxury item? They want the latest clothes and the brightest bling. Buy them something beautiful. Maybe flowers or perfume. Many Libras work in artistic fields so get them art supplies or craft items. And the more gifts the better. If there is any way you can separate your gift into pieces, to it and give them more presents to unwrap. Men and women alike spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. You can't go wrong with make-up and hair care products.

It's hard to know what to get a Scorpio because they don't want to share their likes, dislikes and deepest desires. You are usually left to guess what they like. Most Scorpios love a mystery so tickets to a murder mystery weekend might be nice. Or you could buy them a collection of old Agatha Christie mysteries. Don't be hurt if Scorpio doesn't make a huge fuss over your gift, it doesn't mean they don't love it. They are deep, dark and passionate so tailor your gift accordingly. Sexy lingerie maybe?

The sign of the Archer loves to travel so you can always arrange a trip as a wonderful gift. They don't care where they are going, just as long as they are going. Luggage is always a big hit. All kinds of little travel gadgets work well with this sign. They love adventure so give them outdoor equipment or maybe go on a rafting trip or rock-climbing adventure. Their mind is always going, so books on philosophy and self-help will appeal to them.

CAPRICORN Most Capricorn's are focused on work so gifts that relate to their work are what you should give them. A briefcase is always nice or something for their desk will appeal. Capricorn is almost always the one to take charge and get things done. Why don't you take charge and hire the handyman or take care of the car. Capricorn's are traditional and they like things that are elegant and classical. Many Capricorn's have a secret love of history so get them a biography of some historical figure. Don't go for anything cheap or shoddy. They don't care about flash but they do insist on quality. Buy the best you can afford.

This is a sign of the future and Aquarians love to be avant-garde and different. Buy them the latest computer or newest phone app. No Aquarius will want what everyone else has. Whatever you buy them should be unique. This sign rules computers, so any kind of tech item should appeal to them. They usually love video games. And this is also the sign of aviation. Many Aquarians love to fly and make good pilots. Flying lessons might be the way to go. Wrap or present it to them in some unusual way and they will be trilled.

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. They are one's who will appreciate a gift with a mystical tone. Get them a gift certificate for an astrology reading. They are often involved in healing of some sort, so books or videos about energy healing would be a good buy. Don't underestimate their romantic side. Bring them a picture from your first date or a memento from your honeymoon and watch their eyes go all soft and gooey. Many Pisces become avid photographers so a new camera would be good. Anything artistic or creative will feed their spirit.

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